Michigan Preview: The Offense

Thomas ArmetttaCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

ANN ARBOR, MI - SEPTEMBER 27:  Brandon Minor #4 of the Michigan Wolverines carries the ball during the game against the Wisconsin Badgers on September 27, 2008 at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Last year, Michigan Offense was flat out brutal to watch.

They couldn't throw the football couldn't run the football and they kept turning the ball over putting the defense in bad spots. Some players still looked like they were in High School—Stonum, McGuffie, Odom, and the O-line was outmatched and inexperienced.

This year Michigan has the experience at running back, wideout, and O-line. Schilling will be playing guard which that's probably where he belongs.

Their not looking like High School kids anymore.

Daryl Stonum is now a 196 pounds where he was about 185 pounds soaking wet.

This year offense can only go up I doubt will see bad turnovers where it will put Michigan defense in a bad spot. The only question with the offense is who will play Quarterback?

Quarterback is the biggest question mark on this football team so on Sept. 5 against Western Michigan Broncos who will be behind center?

We probably won't find out until the starting lineups are announce from the p.a announcers. The leading candidates are Tate Forcier and Nick Sherdian. Sheridan was 63-137 for 613 yards and two TDs last year.

He suffered a knee injury during the Spring which allowed Tate to practice which helps a ton and Tate looked good.

Tate ran the spread option in High School so their is a transition from game speed but terminology there is will be difference but not so much.

Denard Robinson just got to Ann Arbor he's probably third in line as he is the fastest quarterback but just doesn't have the time and work in has Tate and Nick does. So I believe the starter against Western Michigan will be Tate Forcier he can run and throw and Nick will be the backup and I believe Rich Rodriguez will have Denard be used in a small package.

The only way I see Denard starting at all this season if Michigan is losing and just doesn't have anything to play for.

Running back Sam Mcguffie is gone.

This position is probably the strongest. Carlos Brown and Brandon Minor will get the most carries hopefully they stay healthy because behind them their is talent Vincent Smith will probably be the guy behind them who has the same frame as Mcguffie but Smith has vision where Sam didn't.

Kevin Grady is Michigan power back with Mark Mundros. Then their is Mike Shaw who did some nice work hopefully he can stay away from the injury bug that he had last year. Another Freshman who could make a impact is Fitzgerald Toussaint.

In the spread option if the QB reads the play right Michigan backs could put up some very nice numbers. All these guys besides Mundros and Grady can hit the home run.

The offensive line was weak last year and had no depth. This year they have depth with Kevin O'Neal and Kurt Wearmers. This spot will have experience and won't look outmatched or outplayed.

Schilling will be moved to guard and Mark Ortmann will be playing Left Tackle. David Molk will be playing center and RR and the staff likes Patrick Omameh(Rs-So) may get the starting spot at Right Guard and their is Mark Hugye and Tim McAvoy.

Depth will be provided by guys like Rocko Khoury and Ricky Barnum. The improvement will be night and day difference. They'll be able to read blitzes where last year they couldn't and make the proper adjustments and will be able to give the QBs time to throw and Running Backs to run.

The leading returning receivers are Greg Matthews who is the possession guy and Odoms was the slot gut. Kevin Kroger came on towards the end of the season. Matthews has the first spot locked up and the slot guys are Odoms, Terrance Robinson, and Freshman Jeremy Gallon who will see playing time at slot, running back, and could be Michigan return specialist.

The battle is on the opposite side of Matthews. The battle features Junior Hemingway who last year season was lost to health.

Then their is Daryl Stonum, Roy Roundtree who had a nice spring and Freshman Je'ron Stokes who the coaching staff likes.

Again Michigan has depth and Tight End has been sured up with Kroger, Martell Web, and Brandon Moore.

So the QBs will have a nice insurance policy and a guy who can go and exploit the zone with the three Tight ends and get mismatches against linebackers trying to cover Gallon, Odoms, and Robinson.

The 2008 Michigan offense was brutal.

My predictions for the 2009 Michigan offense is the only question is QB but Michigan if they can stay healthy could put up numbers they are still young but experienced.

Don't expect 21 yards in a first half like against Wisconsin and turnover after turnover putting Michigan Defense in bad spots.


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