How To Put an End To NCAA Improprieties

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMay 13, 2008

A Note to Agents, Corrupt ADs and Other Greedy People

If I were given the charge of cleaning up college sports, I would instantly become both the hero and the scourge of entire country.

I have a five-step plan that would solve all of the problems.

There is only one way to solve a problem that revolves around money, and that’s with more money.

There are rules in society that we all have to abide by, so why aren’t we applying them here?

Step OneMove the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow. No more easy money.

I would work with NBA Commissioner David Stern to raise the NBA’s minimum age requirement to either 20 or 21 years of age.  That would eliminate high school kids from dreaming that they can go directly to the pros from high school, and keep leeches away from them until they are at least adults.  Nip those unrealistic dreams in the bud.   It doesn’t make college mandatory, it rather subtly suggests it.

Step TwoScholarships.  The quality of academic scholarships needs to be increased.  These kids need money to survive, so by raising the stipends they would be less likely to take money from strangers or ‘well-to-doers’.  Also, the NCAA must enforce the parameters of these scholarships.  In short, athletes will be paid.

Step Three Official, above-board representation. The NCAA must set up a bureau to monitor students’ academic progress and to realistically assess their chances of pursuing a professional career in the NFL of NBA after their sophomore year.  At that point, they will be assigned an agent.  This means that agents have to be registered with the NCAA in order to represent a student-athlete.

Step Four – The NFL and the NBA will be prohibited to interview or contact any underage student that is not currently represented.  The student must obtain permission from the NCAA bureau of professional advancement first so a representative can be assigned.

Step Five – Tighten up the penalties for funneling funds to students.  No more internal investigations. The IRS and the FBI will be charged to investigate incidents where alumni illegally ‘donate’ funds directly to student-athletes.  All donations must go directly to the athletic department. 

Students attending college on a sports scholarship must fill out an annual tax return with the state and local government.  The university will assist them in doing so.  Any and all improprieties will be dealt with by the IRS with the full weight of the federal government behind them.

There you have it.  They had their chance to right the ship, and did not.

So I did it for them. Greed was good while it lasted.