F1 Is Alive N' Kicking N' Uncertain

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - APRIL 02:  Michael Schumacher, seven-time Formula 1 world champion, attends a press conference to  launch Bacardi's Global Resposibility Campaign in Schumacher's function as Global Social Responsibility Ambassador, at Autoworld Brussels on April 02, 2008 in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo By Mark Renders/Getty Images)

One week is too long a time to see things different for a fast paced sports like Formula 1 where 1/100th of a second differentiate a win or a loss. But that is what has exactly happened at F1, albeit with little discomfort at Massa's freak accident and more with the return of the Legend, Michael Schumacher.

Like the other day when we were discussing we found it that the F1 races have become a little drab and more of seeing the same cars, even I was holding an opinion that half ways through the season we are gonna sit back to see Jenson Button crowned.

But uncertainty is the name of the game, and who would have thought a spring would hold forth so much to the game to get back what every Ferrari fan wanted and more than half of the F1 fans wanted. Micheal Schumacher back.

Let me admit, Massa accident happening as it was in just a weeks time from Henry Surtees fatal accident made me almost go feverish. Why not, with no news or any official happenings nor the time they took to reach the spot with the cranes (SIGH) or the time they took to tell us well Massa is fine.

I am happy Massa is recovering fast and no damage to his eye is a huge relief by all reasons. Hopefully we wait to see him in the cockpit at the earliest possible occasion.

There was all this talks Kimi gonna be replaced, et al, so many driver vacancies predicted and I read that some 12 names cropped up for Massa's place.

But the wind got blown over with a statement from Ferrari. Micheal Schumacher will return in the place of Massa till of course Massa recovers. Well that's the idea. Now Now Now we need to watch how its gonna play.

Thus news has been a big relief for all everyone associated with F1 and has now inspired many an F1 fan to get back to viewing the spectacle on TV. Micheal Schumacher is one kind of a driver, Love him or hate him, he cant be ruled out and sure he will set the race track ablaze in Valencia.

I know now what Massa meant when he said F1 without Ferrari wont be nice. With Micheal Schumacher again it is going to be really great. One man who would be pleased would be of course Lewis Hamilton, who always had wanted an opportunity to drive alongside and compete against the Legend in his own words.

Now who will Schumi race against, first of course he needs to better his team mate Kimi, which will put him at a better position to attack the other drivers. Of course its is one odd time of the season that we are seeing his services being used at an exceptional and extraordinary situation, I believe this event in F1 will change the course of the game once and forever.

As we take a real break from work for the next week, I think we shall see some great racing with a legend in action and the wanna champions. And to see him in action of course we might need to wait patiently.

And to think we need to wait almost a month is sheer ridiculous and so much can happen in F1 in those time too.

Anyways in all these I forgot the news of Romain Grosjean testing for Renault, BMW withdrawing from F1 and Sauber will own the team the season next.