LA Lakers Get a Chance To Make History While D-Wade Remains In Limbo

Brandon Ribak@reebokforthreeSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2009

After yesterday it could be safe to say that the Los Angeles Lakers have a rare opportunity to, yet again, break another NBA record.

To even acknowledge the thought of exceeding this historic season (in what is known as the greatest NBA season ever) one team must be so regal, supreme, and heart-driven that they play each and every game as if it were their last.

What piece of history do the 09'-10' Lakers have a chance to overcome and place under themselves you might ask?

During the 95'-96' NBA season, Michael Jordan took his team to new heights. After demolishing literally every organization in their path, the Chicago Bulls ended their magical season winning an NBA record high 72 games.

The only team to come close to that record were in fact the Los Angeles Lakers (69 games won in 71'-72' season).

The big question now is, if all remain healthy, do the 09'-10' Los Angeles Lakers have not just the possibility, but the dexterity to even be considered a threat to shattering this record?

Let me know what you think!

In other news, with Lamar Odom re-signing with the Lakers, what are the Miami Heat's "new" plans to attempt to keep Dwyane Wade on their roster next season?

After averaging the most points per game in the league and basically carrying his entire team on his shoulders, the Heat ended their season in seven games in the first round of the playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks.

In a recent interview on ESPN, Wade told the media that he would stay with Miami if they returned to title contention.

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