Phillies Top Ten Prospects 09 (originally Posted on My Facebook 2/11/09)

Pat EganCorrespondent IJuly 31, 2009

CLEARWATER, FL - FEBRUARY 20:  Jason Donald #75 of the Philadelphia Phillies poses for a photo during Spring Training Photo day on February 20, 2009 at Bright House Networks Field in Clearwater, Florida.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
1) Carlos Carrasco-RHP-last years rank (1)
Last year, like many i had Carrasco ranked as my number 1 prospect. This year, like many i have Carrasco ranked as my number 1 prospect. No shocker right? the soon to be 22 year old had, to be honest, an AVERAGE season in AA Reading. a season which saw him lead the team in IP with 114 2/3 BUT have a 4.32 ERA. Carrasco was promoted late in the season to AAA Leigh High Valley. A promotion i thought was brought on more so becasue of who he was then what he did in Reading. BUT Carasco repsonded well at AAA starting 6 games and having an ERA of 1.72. He started the futures game his second futures game where he picked up the win. He is pitching for Venauzula in the WBC and will look to pick up the 5th starter spot for the Phils in spring training. His Winter ball numbers were good aswell where he started 11 games going 3-0 with an ERA of 2.11. Carrasco also knows how to strike out gus striking out 115 batters in a 151 1/3 innings this season
ETA in the majors: 2009

2) Jason Donald-2B,3B-last seasons rank (unranked)
Who shit the bed when it came to Donald? ME RIGHT HERE. i was to busy focusing on last years # prospect Adrian Cardenas to even take a look at the former 3rd round pick from Arizona State. Arizona State is home of the Sun Devils and he certainly set the Eastern League on fire this season. He hit .307 which was second best on the team. he aslo added 14 HR's and led the team in OPS. he went to the Arizona fall league and was one of four players to hit over .400 (Donald hit .407) he also hit 5 HR and was named on the the AFL best prospects. he was told to work at 3B since the Phillies dont need a SS or 2B because of J Roll and Utley. Donald started the Futrues game and was also an Olympian this year. THANK GOD WE DIDNT TRADE HIM FOR RON MAHEY
ETA in the majors: 2009

3) Lou Marson-C-last years rank (7)
Lou Marson had one hell of a break out year in Reading.The former 4th round pick from Coronado HS saw a year where he went from a somewhat unknown to one who Phillies fans were proclaiming"untouchable" and why not he led Reading in BA with a .314 average. He also led the team in OBP and was tied for 4th in the team in doubles. He was a futures game selection where he backed up Texas' Taylor Teagarden. He was an Olympian where he backed up Taylor Teagarden. The reason i picked Donald ahead of Marson was because Donald really boosted his stock in the AFL. that combined witht he addition of Ronnie Paulino and Carlos Ruiz' defense makes a sort of road block for Marson in the majors. I battled with who would be #2 and 3 all week but this could go either way.He was a Septemeber callup and started the last game of the season as well where he hit his first career HR. tons of talent. he certainly made my prediciton of his ETA in the majors last year look stupid when i said 2010 or 11. hes one Phillies fans are looking foward too
ETA: 2009

4) Michael Taylor-OF-last years rank (unranked)
You want a guy who litterally came out of nowhere its Michael Taylor. The OF started the season out in Lakewood where he trashed South Atlantic League pitching. THen midway through the season he was called up to high Class A Clearwater and killed FSL pitchers too. you may want to sit down for this. In Lakewood he led the team in BA with a .361 average. He was also tied for 3rd on Lakewood in Hr's with 10 and the team lead for tripples with 3. Then he recieved the call up to Clearwater. He was second on the team in BA (at least 100 AB's) with a .329 average. he was also second on the team in HR's with 9. only one behind John Urik who had almost 200 more AB's then Taylor. SO his combined numbers for the 08 campaign were a .346 averge with 19 HR's and 88 RBI's. he also had a 968 OPS. CAN YOU SAY FUTURE LF
ETA: 2011

5) Antonio Bastardo-LHP-last years rank (8)
Ok most of you know that since i laid eyes on this kid 2 and a half years ago ive had a big man crush. so much so that i created a FB group which basically explains all of his talent
theres the group
Two things you need to know if you dont look at the group. First is HE HAD A BETTER ERA THAN CARRASCO second are his winter ball numbers. he started 8 games and had a record of 2-0 with a 2.63 ERA. he struck out 25 and walked 17. he has control problems but has tons of talent. he was a futures game selection last season but couldnt play because of arm problems
ETA: POSSIBLY 2009 more likely 2010

6) Travis D'arnaud-C-Lakwood
When D'arnaud was drafted i thought it was stupid. we took this kid, a catcher, out of HS with the 37th overall pick. we took him when we had an emerging catcher in Carlos Ruiz and Lou Marson and Jason Jarramillio in the pipeline. thats before D'arnaud proved me wrong and shoved my foot in my mouth. So Phillies fans. grab your penn and paper and get you TY letters out to Indians GM Mark Shipiro for signing David Delluci (yea remember him) because they signed him we got the pick that we used to take D'arnaud. So onto why hes so great. He started the season in short season Williamsport where he led the team in BA with a .309 mark. he had 4 HR's and 25 RBI's before being called up to Low Class A Lakewood after 175 AB in Williamsport. In Lakewood he picked up where he left off in Willamsport. he batted .297 and had 2 HR and only 5 RBI's but it should be noted that when Taylor left so did Lakewoods offense. I think there is a good chacne D'arnaud could be better then Marson. Its funny because last year i talked about Adrian Cardenas. a second basemen who was drafted with a sandwhich pick between the 1st and 2nd round. a pick that i didnt like becase of the road blocks ahead of him to the majors. Cardenas was traded for Joe Blanton and while i think D'arnaud is going to be a stud i doubt it will be for the Phillies. From what i hear he is extremly good defensivly and the bat (at least for average) is there already. I see them trading him either this year or next (more likely the latter)
ETA: 2011

7) Michael Cisco-RHP-last years ranking (unranked)
thiry sixth round. 36TH ROUND! that is where the Phillies grabbed Cisco. why did he drop that far? Hell if i know but hes proving 29 teams wrong with his play in his rookie campaign. maybe the guy fucked a few GM's daughters or something but the Phillies grabbed him in the 36th out of South Carolina University. NORMALLY when a guy is drafted out os college he bypasses Rookie ball and that was the case with Cisco. so the Phils sent him packing to short season Williamsport and hoped for the best. they get more then they bargined for. In 9 games at Williamsport (1 start) he had an ERA of 1.86. He struck out 22 guys and walked 5 in 19. 1/3 IP. So the Phils promoted him to Low Class A Lakewood. Thats where Cisco went Brad Lidge on the South Atlantic Leauges ass. in 8 games (6 starts) Cisco had a .51 ERA. for you people who arent familar that means he would have to pitch TWO games to give up 1 ER. he also struck out 30 guys in 35 innnings and WALKED NO ONE. his combined stats for the season are a .99 ERA with 17 games (7 starts) 54 1/3 IP with 52 K's and only 5 walks. someone thought they should have been drafted higher
ETA: 2011

8) Vance Worley-RHP-last years rank (unranked)
Worley was a 3rd round pick out of college. Many thought the Phillies reached with this pick because Worley stats in college were average at best sometimes down right bad. the Phils drafted Worley out of hs in the 20th round so maybe they really wanted him I dont know but what i do know is he is damn good. Worley like Cisco started the season in Short Season Williamsport where he went 0-0 (in only 2 games) with an ERA of 1.13 he struck out 8 in 8 IP in Williamsport before he was promoted to Low Class A Lakewood. While he wasnt Michael Cisco he still fared quite favorably compiling a 3-2 record and a 2.66 ERA. Also like Cisco he struck out 53 batters in Lakewood and only walked 7. his combined season stats are a 2.48 ERA with a 3-2 record in 69 IP he struck out 61 batters and only walked 8. batters hit just .235 off of him for the season
ETA: 2011

9) Joe Savery-LHP/1B-last years rank (3)
Savery was the Phils 1st round pick in 07 out of Rice. a guy that Phillies fans had a lot of hopes for after he not only led Rice in every hitting catagory but also every pitching catagory too. He started the season in Class A Clearwater along with Antonio Bastardo and never got a callup. he led the team in IP with 151 1/3. He also led the team in K's with 122. both K's and IP he was also high up in the league lead for both of those stats. His ERA is where it gets ugly though. Savery strugled with a 4.13 ERA. the reason why hes still on the list is becasue 1) its one bad year 2) probably the biggest reason is the Phils tried him at DH for four games. Four glorious games Phils fans down in Clearwater got to witness the bat that led Rice into the College WS. he had 13 AB's where he got 3 hits and walked once. the good news is 2 of those hits were double (including his first AB in almost a year. With the Phillies contract situation with Ryan Howard in question at the time and no 1B prospect to speak of in the organization this might be writing on the wall. While i dont expect the Phillies to abandon the idea that Savery can be an effective pitcher it is interesting as too how many AB's Savery will get this upcomming year. with many scouts having no doubts that Savery woud bring his bat with him to the majors.
ETA: 2010?

10) Anthony Gose-LHP/OF-last years ranking (unranked)
What would you say if I were to tell you that the Philles drafted a pitcher in the second round of this past years draft that is being compared to Scott Kazmir and Billy Wagner? (the player not the Rat) I would expect some excitement. What if i added to that by saying that this pitcher hit 95 on the gun consistently and even touched 97 at times and had one hell of a slider and decent break on a curve? I would think youd be ready to get a Phillies jersey with this kids name on it. Now heres the catch Anthony Gose wants to play OF. heres the good news. Anthony Gose doesnt realize hes not good enough to play OF in the majors. but when the Phillies drafted him out of HS they placated him so that he would sign and let him play OF in rookie ball where he hit .256. When talking about pitching Gose said "if i didnt do it again i wouldnt miss it" but im sure what he will miss is the millions that pitching arm with bring him. I cant blame him so much he missed part of last season with Rotator Cuff Tendonitis so Tommy John Surgery is DEFFINTLY in his future but most times guys add a MPH or two to there fast ball. and whne you already are touching 95 well it cant be alll that bad (unless your named Scott Matheison). Tons of upside Tons of Question Marks.
ETA: depends on when he gets smart and decides to pitch 2013

Honarable mention:
Dominik Brown
Johnathen Pettibone
Drew Naylor
Kyle Drabek
Jason Knapp
Trevor May
Jeremy Slayden
Colby Shreeve