Recruiting Talk TOO EARLY

Tom CuddContributor IMay 12, 2008

Bo Pelini and company have been in Lincoln, Nebraska for almost half a year now.

That may be time enough to get things together, but I have little faith in this staff in terms of recruiting on their own. I know it sounds bad, but let me justify the comment. I don’t know what they can do just quite yet, so I won’t try and guess how good or bad they are until next season or until I have more information.

They managed to stop the hemorrhaging so to speak when Billy C. left. So they’re good enough to keep guys, but we don’t know if they can get good new ones.


I told friends that I really wouldn’t think or talk about recruiting for at least a couple more months, but I guess it’s never too early. This whole staff has been recruiters in one form or another before. If they can really gel, well then players will join them. But how many times have we said a player shouldn’t want to play for a coach, but rather play for a school? Countless times I’m sure.

You really notice it in basketball, but recruited players follow coaches around like a happy puppy when they move schools. Of course, people should WANT to play for Nebraska, right? Wrong. Recruited kids want to play for winning teams, or be a part of making a winning team. Recruited kids want to play in the NFL, or apparently the Arena League now if you ain’t good enough. Fans want players who actually love their school? That’s what walk-ons are for.

Apparently, the Husker’s staff offered scholarships to three players. And guess what, I’m not going to talk about them here. Maybe when I decide to see some video of their senior season that they haven’t even played yet, I can venture an opinion. Until then, I’ll be signing off the recruiting talk here on this blog. I’m not going to comment on the recruiting abilities of this staff at least until the high school football season starts. And if I slip up, and open my mouth about recruiting, I apologize. I don’t mean to be a part of the mess with only partial information.