Amdendola,Mcbride,Gibson, Brown,Baskett? Who Stays and Goes

alberto torresContributor IJuly 31, 2009

I know that Training Camp has just started (mon.) and there is alot of Depth at the WR position so we shouldnt be as worried that Jeremy Hasnt signed because of such depth we should be fine the only thing is Jeremy has to play the pick up game and may not see the field as often, so that leaves me to the WR mentioned in todays headlines, who do you think would be out of the Eagles and who would stay?

Danny Amendola

Shaheer Mcbride

Brandon Gibson

Reggie Brown

Hank Baskett

The Baltimore Ravens are in need of a WR maybe even a TE since there TE have history of injuries, but they definitly need a WR which they will get but who, Assuming that the Ravens Coach has a Close Relationship with the Eagles since he was a former Eagles Coach there might be a sort of trade unless someone is cut and picked up which would be there only real option, but to be honest i like Amendola and Gibson making the Team if both cant at least one make the roster and the other make special teams, til this day we dont know how many WR we will keep will it be 5 or 6 but the question surrounding all this is regardless if Reggie brown has a sensational training camp the point is will he help us in the Regular season the only reason i see us keeping him is because besides the other WR mentioned excluding baskett he got the Skills and he has experience in our Offense but why risk it if he wont seem to help us out.

Baskett has to be used more he could be a threat but we can never knock the possibility that he could be the Weakest link and be shipped off in a trade to the Ravens which if he learns there system could thrive since he got the Experience needed, with the Addition of TE Cornelius ingram and players like Mccoy and Weaver and Celek the TE have the Height Advantage an size to be imposing threats in the End Zone( redzone) thus possibly eliminating hank baskett lets be honest does he stretch the Field NOPE... Desean Curtis Avant an possibly when ever he decides to come Maclin could stretch the field since there so many options on Offense the Size factor and a true number one WR isnt needed so thats a Question in itself.

I like Gibson to get into the team he got solid Size as big as Reggie Brown in Size but bigger in Size in terms of Weight and possibly muscle mass, though a rookie there have been plenty of Star late round bloomers and Gibson could be one of them i use to think Shaheer Mcbride could get into it but he is a camp body gibson is at a different league and with consistency could cut the Roster if in fact Reggie or Baskett leaves us.

Danny Amendola dont be surprised if he is a welker/curtis type of player now please dont get me wrong he isnt anywhere close to that but as people that have seen his skills can say he  has those set skills to be like the Welkers of the NFL or curtis type i wouldnt be surprised if he does punt returns or kick returns i like his chances as well.

Its going to be Tough to say i want to know from you guys and girls who could you see and why be a part of the Eagles and be cut or Traded if need be? let me know

And if Reggie or Baskett is Traded do you think it will be for a player or a Draft pick

I say





Brown/Baskett(either or im kind of sticking with brown for some reason)Dont judge lol...

Gibson/Amendola(special Teams)