Mike Knox and Ezekiel Jackson: The Future of WWE's Big Men

Scott BeebySenior Analyst IJuly 31, 2009

We've all seen Vince McMahon's fascination with big wrestlers grow throughout his time with WWE. It seems as if he believes that every wrestler should be at least six feet tall and weigh over 260 pounds, but why is that? What is the benefit of having so many big wrestlers in one wrestling promotion?

The most common example of a big wrestler is the monster heel. The role of the monster heel is simple. They are there to prove their dominance, simply because they are bigger than most other guys in the locker room. They throw their weight around until by some miracle a smaller man beats them in a match.

The other type of big wrestler you see, although they're very uncommon, is the babyface wrestler that has a small gimmick on the side.

The best examples of this type of wrestler in WWE are John Cena with his marine gimmick, Mark Henry with his world strongest man persona, The Great Khali's punjabi playboy gimmick, and Triple H as the cerebral assassin.

WWE is entering a new era with a lot of the younger talent currently making the transition from mid card to main event status, but it only seems to be the smaller guys, for the most part, that are getting a push.

WWE continue to use the likes of Kane, Khali, and Vladimir Kozlov when they are all likely to not even be with the promotion or retired within the next five years. Why?

Mike Knox and Ezekiel Jackson are undoubtedly the future of the big wrestlers in WWE. They are both only 31 years old, which means they could potentially be with the company for the next 10 or more years.

Knox and Jackson have been either with WWE or with WWE's development territory for four and two years respectively, but they have yet to win even a single championship belt in WWE between them. Even The Great Khali had won a title after 18 months!

Mike Knox came to WWE back in 2005 with a developmental deal. He only made a few appearances on WWE shows throughout his first 12 months, most notably as a masked terrorist during Mohammed Hassan's famous angle that lead to Hassan parting ways with the company.

In June of 2006, Knox became a member of the ECW roster and debuted as Kelly Kelly's on screen boyfriend who didn't want her stripping in the ring. Since then, Knox has feuded with CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, Finlay, and Rey Mysterio.

Ezekiel Jackson's entry to WWE was much more recent. He joined the company on a development deal in 2007, where he wrestled with the likes of Eric Escobar, DJ Gabriel, and Kofi Kingston while he was in FCW.

It was only last July when Jackson debuted as The Brian Kendrick's bodyguard on Smackdown.

He continued under the gimmick for the better part of a year before being separated from Kendrick after being drafted to ECW in April of this year. It wasn't until this month that he started wrestling in ECW.

I whole-heartedly believe that WWE should be grooming these future superstars for the main event scene, or at the very least the upper mid card. What's the point of having Knox job to Khali in a throw away match, all to try and build towards Khali vs. Kane? Khali and Kane should be trying to put over Knox and Jackson and passing on whatever tips they can offer.

The bottom line is that WWE will quickly run out of big wrestlers within the next five or so years. Triple H (40), Batista (40), Kane (42), Undertaker (44), Mark Henry (37), Vladimir Kozlov (37), and Big Show (37) will all most likely be a part of WWE's alumni over the next few years.

Vince McMahon should stop introducing big wrestlers at the age of 35+ when he's sitting on a couple of gems in Knox and Jackson. He wouldn't sign a high flyer in his late 30's, so why does he do it with the big guys?

I see a lot of potential in Mike Knox and Ezekiel Jackson. They have already learned the basics when it comes to in-ring skills, and they've got plenty of time to improve all the other aspects of their characters.

Who knows? Maybe we could see one of them tuning face in the near future to fill the void left by the departure of other superstars?

I implore you WWE, please give them a chance!