The Newest Concerns Over Georges St-Pierre

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 31, 2009

Yes, you can laugh about it now Georges, but you have broken many hearts since your victorious fight at UFC 100.

I am sure it was not intentional on your part. As innocent as you are about the impact your actions have on others, you may sincerely be unaware of what you have done.

Not me, though, I keep hearing of the heartbreak and have experienced the anguish of too many of your fans to be an unbeliever in this new phenomenon.

There was a time, not to distant in the past, when I was fielding questions because fans were unsure of your sexual preference. Well that is over and buried. You can thank your "friend" Jamie Varner for one. Due to his dexterity and his ability to take pictures and transmit them with his cell phone of you making your love connections.

Now female fans of yours are bemoaning the fact that none of them were chosen to nurse you back to health in spite of all their efforts at UFC 100 to gain favor with you and your team.

The rumors are running rampant and the broken hearts are piling up like the dead flies of summer in unbelievably high piles.

How cruel life can be!

Someday there will be clones, but for the present, there is only one Georges St-Pierre, and rumors are that his heart has been taken.

Woe to all the fair, hopeful maidens who have cried out to Grandma Dee for solace. Of course, I can do nothing to ease their anguish. Although thanks to Shari, I did receive the invitation to your After party, my husband and I could not attend. It is doubtful that my appearance would have delayed the inevitable. You had to fall for someone of your own choosing sometime.

Although I have made light about your love-life in the past and even gone so far as to offer my assistance in the search for a soul-mate, you never called to consult with me.

(Darn! And after all the time I spent cataloguing the young women into every possible category: flight attendants from Canada, Chemistry students in Denver, secretaries to powerful investors who speak perfect French in San Francisco! I was tireless in my efforts for naught).

Well, who knows. You are still young enough to play the field and may someday change your mind.

I will continue to catalogue and cross reference with sports preferences, chess players, those who speak good Portuguese or adequate French. Hair and eye color, music preferences, wide enough hips to give birth and breasts of a size sufficient for breast feeding your children. I will not give up until after you are safely married and off the market.

To all the girls who are standing and waiting for your whim to change in their direction—don't worry! Grandma is still at the ready to intercede on your behalf should the occasion ever arise.

Whoever you are and wherever you fall on my very long list:  Grandma Dee is here for you—so never fear.


*** Ta Dah! This is the 300th article that Grandma Dee has written for Bleacher Report, not counting those she has lost in cyberspace due to her typing spasticity and numb fingers. ***