NCAA = Money Grubbing Jackasses

AndySenior Analyst IMay 12, 2008

Well, most of y’all already knew that…but I’m bumping this anyways. Werd to the TodFrog13:

Okay, so I’m a UCLA fan and a bit biased, but the NCAA rules are nothing but BS! They have the system rigged against kids and make MILLON$ off them. Why should a coach be able to break his contract and go right to another school and coach, but require a kid changing his mind to give up a year of eligibility AND sit out a year?!?!

I know that’s not the exact case here because Brady was fired. Still, this kid committed to LSU under the premise that Brady was going to be his coach. Since that has changed, the kid should NOT be locked into his commitment. ANYTIME a school changed coaches, any kid on the team should be allowed to change their decision to be at that school WITHOUT penalty. Period!

Love the LoMa tag! [Click here to find out what a LoMa is]LoMa himself wasn’t pretty to watch, but man did I love his heart. Always a hustler. Always a gamer. Always a winner!

Agreed. It should be a rule that if there is a coaching change, the player should automatically be entitled to be released from his commitment to that school. That coach is going to be that kid’s FATHER for the next 4 years, so shouldn’t he have a say in that?

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