Bring Justice To The UFC

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJuly 30, 2009

Surely everyone who reads my articles knows there is more to my title than there appears to be.

In bouncing back in forth from one comment section to another, I have come to the conclusion that every 18-34 year old in the UFC fan-base only wants to see or hear about Brock Lesnar fighting Fedor Emilianenko.

The bad news is that may never happen.

Negotiations to bring Fedor under Dana White's control have ended in a stalemate of sorts, so whether the desired fight will materialize is still in question.

The good news is all the fodder that has been brought to MMA bloggers and fight sites.

I notice that many Bleacher Report writers are all in a tither over recent news. Plus I prophesized that all, though the LA Times and other publications reporting that it was a "done deal" might have misreported the situation.

Not that I have been silent on the topic.

To the disdain of business majors and fan-boys, I have continued to write my own off the wall views of the goings on and the possible outcome.

Of course the chance of my convincing anyone that I am a legitimate MMA sportswriter and do have the right to give my views on the subject is a horse of another color. (I am a country girl and raise those type of horses).

While returning comments left and right, I changed from the Spike channel to Channel 9, WGN and saw one of my favorite American Gladiators. Upon seeing his 6' 8" 280# frame and chiseled physique, I immediately thought—Hey! let's bring Justice to the UFC to fight Brock Lesnar!

My heavens! There are many other athletes of a stature similar to or even, if I may dare I say it (?), greater than Brock Lesnar's. 

In fact, hasn't Shaquille O'Neal made statements about fighters he would love to face?

Why does it have to be the humble Russian thrown into the UFC's cage to satisfy the roaring crowd? Wouldn't any massively muscled tough man do just as well?

And heaven's to Betsy, that gladiator Justice is one fine hunk of a man! Whew! Talk about ripped!

Naturally in my haste to write this I completely neglected to look up his actual history and statistics, if any. He could be a life drawing model for all I know or have experience working at a Subway store.

For all I know, he could loath violence and just be appearing on AG to pay off his college loan.

Still, the fact remains that it is a wide, wide world and many nations have big men who would jump at the chance to step into the ring with the UFC's golden boy, or as I call him in the sanctity of my own home "Dana's wet-dream".

If Fedor doesn't come to the UFC, let's all scour the hills and explore all valleys until we find a suitable replacement for the Russian. After all, if Brock wants to best Fedor's record he should be open to all comers until his record is equal to the Last Emperors.

As my readers have been telling me "just relax," there are lots more opportunists, I mean opponents, for Brockman out there.

Just put out an open invitation. It is as easy as that.

Or someone in the UFC could simply seek out Justice.

Tell him Grandma Dee is a big fan.