Media Love/Hate? Sick of Edwards Having to Talk About T.O

Michael McMastersCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

ORCHARD PARK, NY - MAY 01:  Cary Harris #47, 2009 sixth round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills  poses during Buffalo Bills minicamp at the Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse on May 1, 2009 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

At the plate, I love what Terrell Owens brings to the football field.  I like how over his career he has done so many incredible and questionable things. From running over Ray Lewis, to the star crucifixion, and the gutsy performance in Super Bowl XXXIX, T.O has had one wild ride in the N.F.L.

And it’s not over.  Not yet, anyway.  For all that Owens has brought to the game of football he hasn’t achieved the ultimate goal, a Super Bowl title.  So why hasn’t there been any talk of this?  Buffalo hasn’t been to the playoffs in a decade

Why must fans hear the same questions directed to Trent Edwards over and over again?  Are you worried about how Terrell Owens will affect your football team?  Have you spoken to quarterbacks that Owens has worked with in the past? 

We all understand that T.O is the biggest thing to happen to Buffalo since, well Drew Bledsoe.  Getting the key to the city before ever playing a down in a Bills' uniform is certainly making Byron Brown look like a sycophant, as does mobs of people at airports and the neighborhood grocery market.

Now if I feel this, won’t the players feel the same way?  Who is the true leader of this locker-room now?  I have a feeling it isn’t Trent Edwards. When does there come a point where we sit down and say enough is enough? 

I say this because I genuinely feel that there is enough hype surrounding Buffalo now.  Or at least there has been enough media coverage of Owens and maybe fans would like to hear from somebody else for a change.

I know, I know, there isn’t another superstar to talk about.  Well that could change this season.  If all else, stop handing the microphone to Edwards to talk about Owens and hand it to somebody else to talk about him.

How about getting Marshawn Lynch for an interview?  Fred Jackson?  An offensive lineman?  Turk Schonert?  I know all the big media sources just want the big names, but it would really help if they would diversify. 

I guess the only thing I can say is the local media are the only ones who get it right.  Maybe I should stop watching ESPN, reiterating information is getting bland.

Here’s another good question:  How are the other receivers taking all the T.O chatter?  I know they haven’t proven half of what T.O has, but come on now every other Bills receiver has been here their entire professional career.  Don’t they get a little love?

If the larger media outlets would focus on smaller issues it would make for a better presentation.  Of course the flip side would be we could hear hours and hours of information about the Pittsburgh Pirates on ESPN, and I’m sure nobody outside of Pittsburgh wants to hear that.

So in retrospect we can thank the big media guys, because as big as they are, they are usually the slowest to the hot story and usually never have the best information.

Here’s to the rest of the Buffalo Bills roster, keep flying under the radar.