What's There To Worry About, There's an Exodus at Arsenal

Dwayne BroomeContributor IJuly 30, 2009

LONDON - AUGUST 02:  Philippe Senderos of Arsenal gestures during the pre-season friendly match between Arsenal and Juventus during the Emirates Cup at the Emirates Stadium on August 2, 2008 in London, England.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

After the exit that everyone expected, Kolo Toure has left Arsenal for bluer pastures. Most fans seem to see this as the beginning of the end. I can hear their cries now:



And my personal favorite—"ARSENAL IS SCARED OF MAN CITY!"

As for Wenger, without him we wouldn't have to worry about a Champions League spot because we wouldn't have one. It is somehow hard to remember our history before Le Boss, but Arsenal were a mid-level club at best with the occasional triumph ('71-'89).

Even when we were out of the title race and fourth place, Wenger actually managed the team to 21 games without a loss and two semi-finals. Yes, even in weakness we managed to nearly taste glory. So why would Arsenal be intimidated by a team (featuring a 35 millon pound Robinho) that finished in 10th place?

I'm pretty sure Arsene is about to re-build this team from scratch by eliminating as much dead weight as one can. As Ade and Toure are already gone, his next cast-off is, of course, Philippe Senderos.

Of course, after praising AC Milan during his loan, Philippe like many others thought that Arsenal was just too small for their ambition. And then discovering later (on the bench) that they owed so much of their prestige to the Gunners in the first place.

So every self-respecting Gooner knows Senderos and possibly Eboue will most likely leave this season at on point or another. But most of us are a little cloudy about what Wenger as actually going to do after that.

He himself has said that he is focusing on training, and the players they already have, but I predict he is willing to let go of some of his underachievers and buy true winners.

So the exodus that a number of us fans has asked for has already initiated—it is up to us to believe in the man who can rebuild a team that he has done numerous times before.