Who Wants To Welcome Back Tito Ortiz?

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Who Wants To Welcome Back Tito Ortiz?
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Is Dana White going to let Tito Ortiz back into the UFC? My belief, yes he is. In business you don't have to like your employee, all you have to make sure of is that He/she is making you money. But all that is besides the point. The point is " Who wants to welcome back Tito Ortiz "?

There has been talk of Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonnar, and I'm sure there's more but just have not come to the media or Dana about it.

The Rich Franklin fight could happen, or may not for a couple different reasons.

A. Dan Henderson, yes he did say if he did not recieve his rematch with Anderson Silva he would move back up to the Light-Heavyweight division. The Franklin fight wouldn't be a bad fight to see, again. They previously fought, earlier this year, in which Henderson won via split Decision. So it would be interesting to see what these guys can bring to the octagon, after wins on both of their part.

B. The reason the fight with Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin could happen is this. Why would Henderson move back up to the Light-Heavyweight division if he is maybe one fight away from his rematch with Silva. I read an article by Dan Carey saying that Vitor Belfort may fight Dan Henderson at the 185 weight class. That would sky rocket both of their names to the title whoever the winner might be.

The Stephan Bonnar-Tito Ortiz fight may be a little bit more in the makes if Tito does come back.

Bonnar ,coming off of a loss to Mark Coleman, has lost four of his last six fights. Ortiz hasn't fought in a while due to a back surgery. So both of these guys are coming off of a loss. Ortiz's last loss was last year to current Light-Heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida. So both of these guys need a win to boost them back up, both of these guys need a big name opponent, and both of these guys want to get back into the best of the best rankings.

Other fights that wouldn't be bad-If Ortiz comes back to the UFC and Chuck Liddell comes out of this slump after his year off, I myself would love to see another fight between these two. Another fight with Forrest Griffin wouldn't be bad after Griffin's fight with Anderson Silva. Last but not least, I would like to see a rematch between Ortiz and Rashad Evans to break the draw of their last fight, After Evans and Jackson fight at UFC 107. But all of these are in the future, what we focus on now is who the UFC wants to welcome back the Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

I want to thank everybody for the reads, and as always wish these fighters good luck. Good luck to Ortiz on his career back in the UFC ( If he signs ) and to everyone else trying to get back on track.

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