New York, New York...So Far From Number 1

Jay BermanCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

Like Ol' Blue Eyes once said..."If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere." The Mets and Yankees beg to differ. It's the only reasonable explanation for actions taken by both New York baseball clubs Wednesday night. They can ONLY pull their stunts in NY. No place else. So Fred Wilpon and George Steinbrenner should rewrite the lyrical magic to say..."If I can make it there...who cares about any place else!" 

The Mets were scheduled to play host to the Colorado Rockies Wednesday night at Citi Field. The day began with warnings from every major news organization about severe weather heading towards NY for much of the evening and into the night. Of course this is a dilemma every Major League Baseball franchise with an outdoor facility faces when rotten weather approaches.

It's the wait and see approach as far as postponing the game and at what time to do so. The Mets called the game at 7:05 pm. Not 4 pm so that travelers could NOT make the trek in...and not 9 that thousands of dollars could be spent purchasing food,beer,hats, etc. (Which is equally mind numbing and just plain wrong!)

How is it that the Mets, despite all the forecasting, were unable to call this game earlier, and show a tiny bit of respect for the fans? Johan Santana. Simply put...the Mets multi-million dollar lefty was in jeopardy of a start/stop scenario, one the Mets could not afford to have as the regular season nears the final two months. If the Amazins best pitcher started the game, was shut down thanks to a lengthy rain delay, and not able to return, it would be a lost game for both Santana...and likely the Mets.

If you don't call the game at 4...and almost everyone shows up at the park near game time...then you at least owe it to the fans to try and stick it out. The Mets clearly blew a chance to do the right thing. Hey what a surprise...the Mets got something wrong!

Roughly a thousand miles south, the Yankees were taking on the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. No postponement's a dome! When the Bombers travel to Tampa it becomes a home away from home. Long time owner George Steinbrenner lives full time in Tampa...and made a surprise appearance at the game.

Rumour has it...Yankees color commentator on the radio side, Suzyn Waldman, left the WCBS radio booth in the 4th inning to say hello to Mr. Steinbrenner. Talk about bush league! This makes the Mets look like they know what they are doing!

Wherever you are, imagine you are watching your local newscast. Your 11 o'clock team of male and female anchor are into the second block. The GM of the station shows up...and the male anchor leaves the set while on-air to say hello to Mr./Mrs. "Boss Man." I think you get the picture.

So within a matter of 2 hours...the Mets and Yankees showed true colors. And by no means are those colors Blue and Orange...or Red White and Blue. Total and complete lack of compassion and professionalism. This is especially disconcerting considering both clubs are in brand new ballparks...mostly funded by public money. Surprised? Don't be...not in New York.

Ol' Blue Eyes once said..."If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere." He also once said..."The record shows I took the blows - And did it my way!" Fred and George are clearly huge Frank fans!