Diva Spotlight: Jillian Hall

Christi LottCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

Why she's Good:

Jillian is probably the most decorated Indie Diva on the roster. She's won numerous championships in the various companies she's been apart of, including G.L.O.R.Y., WWA (Women's Wrestling Alliance), SSW (Southern States Wrestling), and others.

Her greatest Indie success came as part of the Superstar Wrestling Federation. During this time, she held the Women's Championship, competed in inter-gender matches, and even held the tag team titles twice.

Jillian is also a highly-skilled wrestler who can perform—with near perfection—a 450 splash.

If anyone can be the poster child for successful gimmicks, it's her. The terrible singing gimmick she has is done with absolute expertise and entertainment. Although this has terribly limited Jillian in her role as a heel Diva, she's always one of the most memorable moments on RAW.

Why She's Bad:

Sadly, like many Divas I've covered, her WWE inflicted limitation has been painful to watch. She's very rarely been allowed to wrestle a match, let alone win. Watching this highly skilled and qualified veteran of wrestling be made a mockery and pushover is a terrible disappointment.

If Jillian ever gets herself out of the WWE and ventures to another company that will recognize her talents, hopefully this mistake will not be repeated.

What She Brings to the WWE:

Skills. Jillian brings a major amount of indie credibility to her abilities as a wrestler. She also shows how to skillfully make people love you or hate you, thanks to fully embracing a hilarious gimmick.

Though many are disgusted and disappointed in her use, we must enjoy the time we get to see her, and silently hope someone else will recognize the under-appreciated greatness that is in Jillian.