Not Wanted at Yankee Stadium, Syracuse Could Find a New Home in The Citi

German NietoContributor IJuly 30, 2009

*Warning: The name "New York's College Team" is used excessively to make my point clear.

Now that that's out of the way...

Syracuse University has been called many things in the past. "The Orange," "Orangemen," "Beast from the East (my favorite)," and the one nickname that's lately been stirring up controversy, "New York's College Team."

It has recently been announced that the new Yankee Stadium will host their very first College Football game in 2010, but "New York's College Team" will just have to stay put and watch from Central New York.

The scheduled game will be an "entertaining" Army vs. Notre Dame(sarcasm). Now I'm using satire in the most respectful way considering that even though the "Fighting Irish" havn't won a BCS Bowl game since '92, "The Irish" are still "The Irish" and are one of the nations most successful college football programs.

Now the Army too has won its fair share of games and championships back in the day, and I do understand that the two teams have had historic match-ups in Yankee Stadium before such as 1946's the "Game of the Century", but the series has been mostly one-sided as Notre Dame leads the series 37-8-4.

With all that being said, history will most likely repeat itself in 2010 as the Fighting Irish defeat the Black Knights recording their first win at the new Yankee Stadium, and continuing their winning streak against Army that dates all the way back to 1958.

Well considering the history that lies beneath this old rivalry Syracuse University and its fans should not be bitter and realize that it does seem appropriate for the new Yankee Stadium to want to continue its history, and play host to Army vs. Notre Dame.

So if Syracuse University is indeed "New York's College Team," it should get an invite soon, right?...WRONG!

Yankee Stadium has further announced that Army is set to face Rutgers in 2011, Air Force in 2012, and (Gasp) Boston College in 2014. Yes you read right Boston College. This is where the inner fan in me cries out, "HOW CAN A TEAM FROM BOSTON BE INVITED TO PLAY AT YANKEE STADIUM BEFORE "NEW YORK'S COLLEGE TEAM"?!?!

Now for all you 'Cuse haters out there, I do realize that the Syracuse Football program isn't at the level it once was at with players such as Ernie Davis, Jim Brown, Donovan McNabb, or Marvin Harrison, but for a team to be named "New York's College Team" and not be invited to play at New York's main stage until about 2015 (especially before a Boston team) is an insult.

So what is the Syracuse Football program supposed to do if they're not wanted at Yankee Stadium? Simply schedule a game at their cross town rivals.

Continuously in the shadow of Yankee Stadium stands the home of the New York Mets, Citi Field. A stadium just as new as their rivals' which could play out to be an even better host than Yankee Stadium.

Think about it Orange Fans. Even though it might sound funny, Syracuse and the Mets already share the same colors, have something fruit related, and both have round mascots.

We both share the same beautiful colors of Orange and Blue, in a game if Syracuse scores (hopefully) instead of the Home Run Apple popping out an Orange appears, plus is it me or does it seem that Mr. Met and Otto the Orange would immediately hit it off and be best friends.

Now there is the thought that by scheduling a game so soon in the shape that Syracuse Football is at right now, it doesn't take Lee Corso to figure out how the game could turn out, but who knows, maybe playing in the big stage could amp up the players and coaches which leads to a great victory, and at the same time Syracuse reminds everyone who "New York's College Team" is, and does it through national television exposure.

By scheduling a game at Citi Field 'Cuse could truly live up to its name of (last time) "New York's College Team" by playing at New York's other baseball stadium, and would garner the same benefits if it were to play at Yankee Stadium. On top of that Syracuse could schedule a game against a fellow Big East opponent which could be the beginning of history and tradition for years to come, and could possibly revive Syracuse Football and Big East Football alike.

So if Yankee Stadium doesn't want us, then I say M-E-T-S METS METS METS!

Which ever direction Syracuse and Daryl Gross decides to take the program in, all I have to say is just like the Terminator, "We'll Be Back."

Go Orange!