Five Ways David Stern Is Destroying the NBA

Jeffrey KleinCorrespondent IMay 12, 2008

I don't like David Stern. Here are my top five reasons why:


1. Seattle

The Seattle Sonics are about to move to Oklahoma City. David Stern wants to add more bad talent to the league by expanding and adding five franchises in Europe. Seattle is going to get screwed, because taxpayers don't want to pay up after funding new stadiums for the Seahawks and Mariners.


2. The League is Too Big to Expand

You want to expand five teams into Europe.

Are you serious?

Get rid of the Memphis Grizzles and the Bobcats (sorry MJ), then let the rest of the league draft their players. The result would be deeper competition and more money to each of the remaining teams. And the Knicks could finally be competitive.


3. Buy-Outs

Sam Cassell and PJ Brown had their contracts bought out so they can leave and go play with playoff teams. Cassell hasn't made a field goal in the last two games in Cleveland—he's a stiff. He speaks during interviews as if he is part of the team, but he's a sellout. Shouldn't he have to PAY his OWN contract?


4. Tanking for the Lottery

Under no exceptions in a league trying to create the highest revenue should Dwayne Wade or Michael Redd be sitting during the final games of the season. With hopes to get a higher pick, they are canning the final few games of the season


5. Playoffs

Like baseball, all of the division winners should be granted a playoff birth. After that, you can see a team over .500 like the Warriors  make the playoffs (48-34) and a team like Atlanta in the East (37-45) make the playoffs. This will increase the competition.


Yes, Stern has brought the NBA a global level. But I don't really like him, and without Jordan, he is nothing.

Stern needs to stop wasting time looking at pre-game pyrotechnics and noise.

That's retarded.

I could deal with that, I have yet to graduate college. If there's too much smoke before the games, and Ben Wallace is going to get injured, then tell Ben Wallace that he shouldn't be in the NBA.

Case solved.

Why do you hate David Stern?