M-1's Charlie Brenneman Finds True Calling

MMADieHards.comCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

Written By Tim Vreeland

Charlie Brenneman was teaching Spanish at his old high school for three years, but he felt like his true calling lay elsewhere.

In 2005, Brenneman appeared on the first season of Pros vs. Joes, where he went on to win the entire competition. He notes this as his first claim to fame, and it quenched his competitive thirst for the time being.

He felt compelled to return to competition, and with a strong wrestling background from his time at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, he sought out the challenges of the MMA world.

After a few months of training he had his first amateur fight in November 2006.

“I had a little Brazilian jiu-jitsu and no standup skills at that point, but I knew after that first bout this was what I wanted to do,” Brenneman said. “I figured, if I could make as much fighting as I did teaching, then I would be happy. I had a few more amateur fights then went pro in July of 2007.”

Having found his calling, Brenneman has showed a nice talent for the sport. He has compiled a 9-1 record.

After spending some time at The HIT Squad with Matt Hughes, Charlie is now training out of AMA Fight Club in New Jersey with the likes of the Dan and Jim Miller and Frankie Edgar. Brenneman is in no hurry to rise through the ranks of the MMA world.

He prefers to grow and evolve naturally, giving his MMA game time to fully develop.

Brenneman trains five days a week, and likes to be ready to fight on at least two weeks notice. He is ready for any opportunity, and said he walks around at about 180 lbs.
In his most recent bout at the Broad Avenue Brawlers event on July 24th, he tested himself against veteran Mitch Whitesel (12-13), in which he won in a unanimous decision.

“I knew he was a big guy, he’d been in with some tough guys and he’s a veteran of the sport. He came out guns blazing caught me with a few shots that woke me up,” Brenneman humbly recalled. “I realized I was in with a real experienced fighter and had to keep on my toes. I consider my MMA game a work in progress and this fight gave me a solid learning experience. He had me thinking. I was happy with my performance and see that my training is paying off.”
“The Spaniard” will next fight Ray Jarman (9-10) at M-1 global challenge on Aug. 16th, in the Netherlands, which will be available on HDnet.

Brenneman eagerly related his thoughts on his upcoming bout.
“Fighting in M-1 means a lot to me. I get to fight in a bigger organization. It’s like a dream getting to do this for a living,” he said. “I get to travel to a new country, experience new places and fight in a venue that can give me more exposure. My opponent Ray Jarman is a skilled guy. After studying some tape I feel my team and I have a solid game plan for this bout. My manager/brother and the rest of my team look at each fight objectively looking to give me challenges that will help me grow.”
Brenneman is a driven fighter with a solid plan to grow in the sport of MMA and take it to the top.

There is no doubt that he is a serious competitor, with a humbleness and determination that will take him wherever he wants to go.