What the Bush League: Big Papi, Big Poser, Big Problems

Dan PazosCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

BOSTON - JULY 07:  David Ortiz #34 of the Boston Red Sox reacts after he flew out against the Oakland Athletics on July 7, 2009 at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Before reading this article, I would like you to please read this one, published in February of this year.

Alright, got Ortiz's part of that article? Good.

Now join me in welcoming David Ortiz to the Clown Hall of Fame.

It has been announced today, that David Ortiz tested positive for a steroids in 2003, in the first test of its kind.

I know, I know, most of us sane baseball fans are saying, "Wow, what else is new?"

It is not only the fact that he tested positive, most of us knew something was up being that close to Manny Ramirez, who is already a known user.

It is the fact that he came out and decided to give a strong opinion against steroid use.

Ortiz gets a one way ticket to the PED Hall of Shame, for bonehead quotes that make Mark McGwire's "I don't talk about the past", routine look legitimate.

"You test positive, you gotta be out."

These are Ortiz's direct words about what the MLB should do if a player tests positive for steroids.

"I think you clean up the game by the testing," Ortiz said.

"I know that if I test positive by using any kind of substance, I know that I'm going to disrespect my family, the game, the fans, and everybody, and I don't want to be facing that situation."

Well Papi, if you knew this, why would you willingly use steroids?

Are we allowed to clean you out of the game?

Should Big Papi have suspended himself for one year and sat out the 2003 season?

No, of course not. He just shouldn't have used steroids in the first place.

Ortiz has absolutely stained Boston, and the sting will be felt all over Red Sox nation, somewhat tainting the amazing run in 2004.

But what really digs at the part of me where baseball is sacred is the sheer amount of confidence in his negative statements towards steroid usage.

The little kid inside of me who really loves the game is outraged. I'm mind-boggled.

If you're a player who does steroids, it can be a quick and somewhat painless ordeal, if you admit to it quickly and keep your mouth shut.

On the other hand, if you are someone who comes out against steroid use and it turns out that you already did them prior to your statements, you are just a clown and a sham.

Just like Alex Rodriguez has shamed the Yankees and now gets the brunt of major criticism, David Ortiz's reputation is tarnished.

If A-Rod's denial was bad, how can we classify Ortiz's rant on morality, punishment, and how to regulate steroids?

So Big Papi, I hope you are ready for the crushing boo's, jeers, and signs that will come your way in stadiums around the country.

You certainly said that you deserve them.