Michael Oher Signing Is Latest Sign of Ravens' Front Office Greatness

Jarrett CarterAnalyst IJuly 30, 2009

The Baltimore Ravens had to have first-round draft pick Michael Oher in camp. A big order for a big man in a big-name draft where stalled NFL front offices have been the name of the game this summer.

But the Ravens got it done with a five-year deal for Oher, and with it, further showed why they are among the savviest and most productive front offices in all of pro sports.

It’s not just about getting Oher signed when the team, down the road, is without their first-round pick in camp; it’s about getting Oher signed, Terrell Suggs signed, and Ray Lewis signed, all while putting together another solid draft.

So let’s count it up; two of the top 10 defensive players in the league got signed to deals, one of the top players in the NFL draft is signed to a deal, and the only question that really remains for the club is where they are going to find a replacement for Derrick Mason?

Not a bad offseason, wouldn’t you say?

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