Vadim Finkelchtein, You ARE THE DEVIL!

Charles HaskettContributor IJuly 30, 2009


With rumors and speculation surrounding Fedor Emelianenko reaching a fever pitch since the recent cancellation of Affliction “Trilogy” and the subsequent disintegration of the company’s promotional arm, Fedor and his management team at M-1 Global on Wednesday held a press conference to make a few announcements and clarify the status of the No. 1 ranked heavyweight’s future.

Vadim Finkelchtein, the president of M-1 Global, expressed appreciation for the UFC’s latest attempt to sign Fedor, but also stressed that it is thus far not acceptable and the two sides are far from closing a deal. “If we had such an offer two years ago, such as we got yesterday, maybe we would agree, but not in today’s situation. We would not accept that offer.”

 The sticking point is still the UFC’s refusal to agree to a co-promotion, while M-1 Global remains steadfast that co-promotion is a must.

 “I am not a person who came into the business two years ago and started working it because I saw that was good business. I started in MMA in 1997. I invested a lot of money and a lot of effort and energy into the development of that sport,” said Finkelchtein.

 “Today we’ve got enough energy and finance to be able to develop that sport. That’s why I cannot understand the policy of the UFC. The UFC won’t be able to control the whole world. Let’s work together.”  


- Okay first off... If it wasn't for you being worried about your bank account, You wouldn't Even be pushing Co promotions, The UFC doesn't need a co promotion, And IN THE END we don't need fedor.

I'm tired of this debate.. i am tired of the questions, RUSSIAN and JAPANESE promotions are shady, and i am almost certain they are mob influenced.

Right now Fedor is dancing like a puppet, He sits there with his mouth closed and says nothing, while his Marionette Pulls the strings and makes him dance.

Grow a pair you Damn Ruskie Take some advice from your brother Aleksander.