Brett Favre Saga: Time To Move on Minnesota Vikings

Andy SmithCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2009

There is no doubt when Brett Favre announced that he would stay retired instead of signing with the Minnesota Vikings, his former teams' biggest archrival, Minnesota Viking fans' hearts were crushed.

I, too, will admit that Favre's decision on Tuesday, as displeasing as it was, not only shocked me but also made the dreams I had of No. 4 donning a purple jersey and leading the Vikes all but disappear.

In the end, Favre chose what he felt was best for him, even if it did take almost the entire summer to make that decision—not to mention the amount of time the Vikings wasted trying to win Favre's heart.

The Vikings wanted to snag the future Hall of Famer so bad, they soon had their All-Stars trying to, allegedly, "coax" him into a Vikings jersey.

Meanwhile, newly acquired Sage Rosenfels is in the corner screaming "Great, this crap again—stuck as the backup! Whoopty flippin' doo!"

Tarvaris Jackson, as positive as he tries to be, is trying to remain calm, even though, inside his head, he's thinking: "I swear if they sign him, I'm gonna demand a trade! I will! I'll do it!" I'm a good QB!"

Of course you are, Jackson! And head coach Brad Childress is really Batman, the Dark Knight, and the caped crusader of Gotham!

The Vikings have had a problem at the quarterback position. And, rightfully so, they decided to take a shot at snagging a future Hall of Famer. There's nothing wrong with that.

What is wrong, though, is that the Vikings' head coach Brad Childress allowed Favre to set his own schedule. In a more easier way of understanding it, he walked all over the Vikings!

Looking back at this mess, Childress should have had the nerve to order a deadline and an answer several weeks ago in contrast to letting 39-year-old Favre wait just two days before training camp opens to reject the Vikings' offer.

So, where do we sit now, a day after Favre rejected the Minnesota Vikings offer to play a 19th season?

We are now at the stage of moving on. The Vikings need to move on and get past this circus story.

For the Vikings, it's damage-control time. The Vikings' quarterbacks have been pushed aside for a 39-year-old that never even joined. Does this show a lack of trust in Jackson and Rosenfels?

Absolutely not. They just had a golden opportunity that they tried to go after and failed miserably.

To the other point, there really is no reason to go to both your quarterbacks and apologise. This is the NFL, a business where, if you want to succeed, you sometimes have to risk big to win big. They are professional athletes, they will get over it.

They will be happy to return to the way things were before the "Favre-a-Palooza," as Vikings' tight end Visanthe Shiancoe liked to call it, arose. Simply, they will be happy to be pitted against each other in a fair quarterback competition that will take place at the Vikings' training camp.

The Minnesota Vikings need to focus on training camp, which opens on Friday in Mankato, and the players that actually are on the roster! They will also have to be content with their quarterbacks in the meantime.

And, no, there will be no talk of Micheal Vick possibly joining the Vikings' squad. Please don't give media guys, like us, the opportunity to write senseless crap on what impact Vick would have on the Vikings' offense or why he could make a good fit.

It's not going to happen. Brad Childress has said it many times already; they are "more than content" with the QBs on their roster.

As a Vikings fan, I will be very intrigued to see Rosenfels compete for the starting job with Jackson at training camp these next two weeks.

Once it's all said and done, Minnesota will have its starter.

As for T-Jack, unless he uses this competition and the negative criticism throughout his three-year career to motivate him, I see Rosenfels emerging as the Minnesota Vikings' go-to guy at QB.

No matter who is the starter, they are surrounded by talent. Adrian Peterson is the NFL's best running back and can take the pressure off the QB.

And speaking of loads, the addition of behemoth second-round draft pick Phil Loadholt at right tackle could provide a solid player and give the Vikings the oppertunity to run both left and right.

Loadholt will, however, have to learn the system quick and adapt to the NFL's quicker pace if he is to succeed at right tackle. Also, learning to block stout NFL nose tackles will be crucial.

Loadholt will be another addtion to an already top-notch NFL offensive line considered one of the best in the league. Players like Steve Hutchinson, Bryant McKinnie, and Anthony Herrera give reason to believe that claim.

The Vikings can have a stellar pass attack with recievers like Bernard Berrian and Bobby Wade. The Vikings will be able to throw down the field with deep threat Berrian and in the middle with Wade and tight end Shiancoe, who is emerging into a decent reciever in the Vikings' offense.

Another piece the Vikings have added to their explosive offense is the dynamic playmaker Percy Harvin out of Florida University. With his speed, agility, elusiveness, don't be surprised to see Harvin line up as a WR or with AP in the backfield.

The only thing Harvin will have to overcome is his off-the-field character issues. If he does this, he can develop into an instant star on the Vikings' roster.

So, as the Favre Saga washes itself away, the Vikings should be optimistic about their team. They have talent all over that roster, and there is no reason they can't succeed. They have a NFC North title to defend and should be able to make a stand even in a tough NFC North Division.

As for Favre, who knows what's in store for him. He mentioned something about "Call me in November." Something tells me that we haven't heard the last from him. Just hope it's not with the Vikings.


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