A Promo From "The Great One": The Rock Meets Orton & Legacy

D-KwikContributor IJuly 29, 2009

I'm back again with another promo from "The People's Champ". This time The Rock comes back to confront Legacy. Randy Orton and Legacy are in the ring when Orton grabs the mic.

Orton: Cut the music. I am out here and I demand respect from every one in the locker room and all of you (points to the crowd).

Orton gets booed as dumb and dumber Dibiase and Rhodes smile and nod.

I am the WWE Champion, The youngest in history, I am the Legend Killer and I am simply the best. Now with that said, I have beaten every person in the back.

Nobody is worthy to face me, Triple H, John Cena, they're not even on my level. I've beaten both of them countless ti....

A certain music hits and the crowd is ecstatic, it is none other than The Rock, Legacy and Orton are shocked as is everybody else. He comes to the ring and grabs a mic, the fans keep cheering for The Great One.

The Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to Chicago. Randy Orton, you look a little surprised to see The Rock, why is that?

Orton: Because I...

The Rock: It doesn't matter why!

Dibiase: Rock I'd advise you to watch what you say before we beat you down.

The Rock: Your gonna whoop The Rock's ass is that it? Beat him down huh? Eh shut your mouth jabroni.

Orton: Get to your point before i kick you in the skull.

The Rock(laughing): That's good, The Rock remembers your little candy ass running around the locker room trying to show everyone your strudel but now, you threaten to kick The Rock in the head.

Ya see everybody in this arena knows The Rock would lay the smackdown on all three of your candy asses!

Orton stands there with no expression on his face, while Dibiase and Rhodes look aggravated, Randy starts to talk.

Orton: Rock, I do remember not too long ago you and your pal got demolished by Evolution.

Your in no shape to be in the ring with me, your days are numbered Rock, I am smarter, faster, stronger, and more athletic than you'll ever be.

And believe me, I would beat you on the big screen as well.

Dibiase and Rhodes are laughing, Orton still stands there this time with a smirk on his face.

The Rock(mocking): Hehehehe, what the hell are you two laughin at? The Rock hasn't seen you do anything but get Orton's coffee and apply his hemorrhoid cream.

Big Pop from the crowd, Legacy is getting anxious now.

The Rock, day in day out, when all the the dust is settled, when all the smoke is cleared, the only person standing left in this ring is The Great One.

Orton: You know what, I'm sick of hearing your mouth, you better just walk away before you get hurt, movie star.

The Rock: The Rock ain't going to leave nah-uh no way! The Rock has a better idea, he just whoops your candy ass all over this arena!

Orton: You just don't get it Rock, there's three of us and only one of you, so get ready to get beaten down.

The Rock: The Rock simply says this, Just Bring It.

The Rock goes after all three Legacy members, but the number's game is too much for The Rock.

They completely dismantle The Rock, when Orton is lining up for a punt to the head. Randy runs and about to kick him when The Rock punches Randy in the groin.

Orton drops and The Rock gets back up to fight off the other Legacy members. Dibiase gets out but Cody Rhodes isn't so lucky.

Randy & Ted look on as The Rock gives Rhodes a Rock Bottom, and proceeds with a people's elbow. Rock picks up the mic again.

If ya smelllllalalalalalalalalalalaalalalalowww, what The Rock is cookin!

Legacy walks up the ramp extremely aggravated, while The Great One celebrates in the ring with the crowd chants his name... ROCKY! ROCKY! ROCKY!