Make Your Case: Western Conference Semi-Finalists

Joe WillettSenior Writer IMay 12, 2008

Both Western Conference Semi-Finals are tied up at 2-2.  Only the home teams have won games, and they are all trying to prove that they deserve to be heading to the Western Conference Finals.

So what is each team going to do to prove that they should be there?

Well, make your case Western Conference teams...

Los Angeles Lakers (facing Utah Jazz)

Hello, I am a Laker fan, and I'm here to tell you why you should root for the Lakers in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

First of all, we're playing Utah.  Nobody roots for Utah, unless of course you live in Utah. 

Who won all those championships? The Lakers, that's right.

Kobe Bryant is the MVP, you don't lose in the second round with the MVP on your team. And Pau Gasol is a total beast!

Besides, if you want a Celtic-Laker Finals, you better be rooting for the Lakers, because you don't have that series unless they can take down the Jazz.

Utah Jazz (facing Los Angeles Lakers)

Hey there, ol' buddy. I am a Jazz fan and I'm here to tell you why you should hope for the Lakers to be toast come Finals time.

First of all, we have one of the best up-and-coming guards in Deron Williams.  Can you imagine all of the crazy plays you would get in a Jazz-Hornets Western Conference Finals?

No other teams would be featured in the SportsCenter Top 10 Plays.

Then of course there's Carlos Boozer, who pulled in 20 rebounds against the Lakers last night.  That's pretty beastly if you ask me.

The Jazz cannot and will not disappoint if we make it past this round.

New Orleans Hornets (facing San Antonio Spurs)

Welcome back to New Orleans, I'm a Hornets fan and I'm about to tell you why you should make your way back to New Orleans. (And not just for Mardi Gras.)

First of all, we have arguably the most exciting player in basketball who doesn't get dunk every chance he gets.  Chris Paul is downright crazy on the b-ball court.

Tyson Chandler is crazy on the boards and can score points, and you gotta love Mr. West hitting shots like a madman. 

Not to mention, we know you feel bad about forgetting about us during Katrina. We'll totally forgive you if you come on down and spend your money on Hornet gear, as long as you do it in New Orleans.

San Antonio Spurs (facing New Orleans Saints)

I knew you'd be back, it's a Spurs fan here and let's just say that old habits die hard.  Like our little habit of winning Championships, that ain't stopping any time soon.

You gotta love Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. (If for no other reason than Parker's smokin' wife.)

And how are you going to enjoy Bruce Bowen's shenanigans if he isn't there to hurt people. You call it dirty, we call it entertainment.

And you gotta love crafty veterans that always seem to win even though you never notice.  It's not too late, just start to notice now. The quiet dynasty is here.

I'm Joe W.