Lawrence Westbrook Will Be The Man That Will Lead The Gophers

Dave SmithCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

MADISON, WI - JANUARY 15: Lawrence Westbrook #20 of the Minnesota Golden Gophers brings the ball up the court against te Wisconsin Badgers on January 15, 2009 at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Minnesota defeated Wisconsin 78-74 in overtime.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Going into the season, the Gophers are going to need a leader that will take over the game. They need a guy that will make you're last second shot.

Looking at last season, I think Lawrence Westbrook is that guy. From what I've seen, Lawrence is the guy who isn't afraid to take the big shot.

You may not know that Lawrence Westbrook is the cousin of Brian Westbrook. Now that's something to think of. It doesn't change a lot, but it's still something to consider.

Looking at his appearance, he's 6 ft, 195 lbs. Of course at that height, he plays the Guard position and it's really turned out well for him. 

Let's take a look at his career stats:

Season       MIN   PTS   REB     AS    TO    A/T    S     BLK   PF  FG% FT%  3P% PPS

2006-2007  10.8   3.5   .6      .6     1.3   .46    .2     .0   1.0  .37    .529 .303  1.00

2007-2008  23.5   8.5   3.3     2.4   1.9   1.28  .9     .1   2.5  .42    .798  .393  1.29

2008-2009  24.1   12.6  2.5    1.4    2.1   .68   .7     .1   1.9  .43    .833 .358   1.31

Now comparing the offensive stats to the rest of the team, he has the best. His points-per-game numbers have improved every year, as you can see.

These aren't Stephen Curry type of offensive stats, but I think he could improve them enough, like he's been doing every year, to become the top player in the nation.

He impressed me a lot during March Madness when he had 19 points against Texas, but was unfortunately overshadowed by A.J. Abrams and no one else on the Gophers were able to contribute.

Looking at his defensive stats, nothing about Westbrook really stands out, but they are going to be better for sure next season.


Because he happens to have one of the best coaches in college basketball. His name is Tubby Smith.

Tubby is not only going to help out Lawrence with everything, but he'll help the whole team as well. He's improving our team in coaching and recruiting, and is going to help Westbrook emerge to become the top team in the big ten, if not college basketball.

Also, there are many reasons why Westbrook will perform like you've never seen before.

He's coached by Tubby Smith, he's improving everything every year, and he's getting better teammates every year. Lastly, he's a senior so he's going to be giving it 102% every time he steps on the court. He will do his best to try to get in the NBA and will accomplish this by becoming the leader of this team.

I predict a breakout season, and expect him to lead the Gophers next season.