Thoughts on Jack Wilson Trade

Sam WoodsCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

PITTSBURGH - APRIL 13:  Jack Wilson #2 of the Pittsburgh Pirates gets ready infield during the Opening Day game against the Houston Astros at PNC Park on April 13, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Mariners Get: SS Jack Wilson, RHSP Ian Snell

Jack Wilson is a defensive minded shortstop that can a little. His bat is not an offensive force by any means and this is not the big bat so many think we need.

Wilson's glove however is loud. He will jump, dive and may be willing to swim for a baseball. I don't know if you were watching last night's game, but if you saw a couple a single's up the middle that Ronny Cedeno couldn't get to. Jack Wilson gets to those.

Once Adrain Beltre comes back, the left side of the infield will be a wall. Almost nothing will get through these guys.

Wilson has an option for 2010, but its an expensive one, especially for a 32 year old. One thing to watch is where Freddy Sanchez might go if his option is not exercised this winter. Sanchez and Wilson are good friends so its definitely possible that the two are in Seattle at the start of next season.

Ian Snell is a 27 year old pitcher with promise, but has yet to put it altogether, outside of one season.

When Rob Johnson was asked about Snell, he said he had "Felix Hernandez stuff". Wow. I'm not sure how true that is, but he does have a very similar repertoire to Hernandez.

Maybe with the help of Johnson, Wakamatsu and Rick Adair, Ian Snell will realize his potential and be a pitching version of Russell Branyan.

Pirates Get: SS Ronny Cedeno, 1B Jeff Clement, RHSP Nathan Adcock, RHP Brett Lorin, RHP Aaron Pribnac

Cedeno: Light hitting defensive minded shortstop. Clement: Extreme pull hitter. Drafted 3rd overall in 2005 out of USC, and has not come close to really panning out. Clement needed to get out of Seattle to have any kind success. The only problem for him is that the Pirates are a Bavasi-like organization, the type that might have ruined his career. Sorry Jeff.

Nathan Adcock has been know for his curveball. With its sharp bite, its definitely a plus out pitch. His fastball and change are both average. Adcock is future 4-5 starter talent.

Brett Lorin stands at 6'7" and is an intimidating force on the mound. His fastball usually is in the low 90's, but can touch 95. Some see him as a future starter, However I see him as a reliever, due to his below average curve and no third pitch.

Aaron Pribnac's fastball can get up into the low 90's. His splitter is a useful pitch, especially in relief situations, which is where he profiles to end up.

I absolutely love this trade for the Mariners. They upgrade at shortstop for now and the near future, and add a pitcher who I believe will flourish here with the friendly clubhouse, great defense and of course they have Rick Adair.

Its not like they gave up the farm to get them either. They traded away a two spare parts, future 4-5 starter, and two future setup/middle relief arms.

Another excellent trade for Jack Z.

Also, Wladimier Balentien has been traded to the Cincinnati Reds for Robert Manuel.

Manuel is a decent relief pitcher who may be part of the 2010 bullpen or late 2009 'pen. He will start in AAA Tacoma.