Poor Mr. Rodgers: Why The Packers Aren't Treating Their QB Right

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Poor Mr. Rodgers: Why The Packers Aren't Treating Their QB Right

There may have been some conspicuous moves made on draft day this year, to say the least.


However, none were more mind boggling to me than the decision by the Green Bay Packers to draft not one, but two quarterbacks, even though they already have a young round-one draft pick who has been waiting patiently in order to take over for the legendary Brett Farve.


The first of this pair of draft-day picks, Brian Brohm, was taken in the second round, a round that is typically reserved for players who are expected to start.


The Packers claim that Aaron is their man, but if so, why give up such a high pick for someone who is expected to be a backup?


In the later rounds of the draft, the packers also drafted Matt Flynn out of LSU. While many do not expect Flynn to ever become a star quarterback in this league, he did win an NCAA championship and does have some potential.

However, I am once again forced to question why the Packers feel compelled to draft quarterbacks when they supposedly feel confident in their young starter?


OK, Aaron Rodgers did suffer a couple of injuries during the playing time he has gotten in the NFL, although he has also shown flashes of brilliance when healthy. After all, it’s not like the kid doesn’t have talent.


In fact, some would make the argument that Rodgers was a much better prospect coming out of college than Matt Ryan ever was. And yet, Matt Ryan is being anointed the face of a franchise before ever even playing an NFL preseason game, while Aaron Rodgers is being forced to compete with two good rookie quarterbacks, as well as the shadow of a legend, just to earn a starting nod.


Is it just me, or is something very wrong with this picture?

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