New York Knicks: James Dolan Still Running the Show

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IMay 12, 2008

As we already know, the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs have tied their series two apiece. Scott Skiles is a Milwaukeeite. And, perhaps at this very instant, Mike D’Antoni is on the phone with his real estate agent trying to convince Alex Rodriguez’s to sell him his suite in the Trump Towers, after the falling out of the two New York socialites.


However, news not so widely known is that James Dolan, Chairman of the New York Knicks, is still pulling the strings, though it was confirmed he would back off—one of the agreements Donnie Walsh demanded when taking over.


Yet, why do I feel this is not true, and my once high expectations of Donnie Walsh suddenly have taken a dive into a water-less pool?


The Bronx native's career has now begun and, to my mind, in the worst manner by hiring a coach like Mike D’Antoni.


The athletic mindset of the former Sun just happens to be everything the Knicks don’t need and don’t have (except for Jamaal Crawford)!  We all know the possibility is there. A D’Antoni fusion with the Knick pieces might work. 


Nonetheless, defying the odds rather than selecting the right coach for the job is a no-no in my book. And, yet again, big names overpower sentiment while James Dolan apparently has found himself a new puppet.


The guitar-riffing owner shares the blame with Isiah for why the Knicks have fallen to the abandoned corners of the league. And, unfortunately, money (blood) has yet again proven to be more attractive.


Yes, money—not a winning franchise—is what James Dolan seeks.


I say this because the New York Knicks, no matter what they do, will always have an enormous number of dollars. On top of that, they will never stop being one of the cornerstone franchises of the NBA. 


So, why hire a coach that focuses strictly on outscoring a club rather than providing a offensive/deffensive ambiance to MadisonSqaure Garden Court - something that has not been seen since the 2001 season.


Even so, a basketball guru like Donnie Walsh may have a motive behind hiring the former Sun and in some years we may all be kicking ourselves while praising him.


For now, I’m against the strategy of hiring a coach who can provide more entertaining ball games rather than spark a club on both sides of the court.


There's nothing else to do but watch...