The Wackness: Edition 3: War Against All Things Wack Starts Now

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJuly 29, 2009

There is a ton of WACKNESS going on out there these days in the pro wrestling world.

It’s hovering over the wrestling like a black plague just waiting to strike.

I knew I could not battle this epidemic all on my own so I called up my companion AkD but it looks like the WACKNESS is immune to the double dosage of the T Wizzle cure and Vitamin akD.

I had to recruit more troops to battle this over whelming WACKNESS that just won’t fade away it looks like it’s here to stay.

It’s here to irate and aggravate wrestlers around the world to the point that they pull all their hair out or even damage their own eyes after watching  The WACKNESS that was place on screen.

This is why I called on the some more great troops to take on The WACKNESS and hopefully slow down the spread of darkness it has caused fans.

Ten four let me introduce to you Soldiers Shane & Sulayman.

With the help of these three unique, creative, outstanding soldiers (writers) I know there is hope in stopping the beast that is the WACKNESS.

The war starts NOW.

Sulayman- What does this Wackness want?

Why do Cena's t-shirts look like they've been designed by two year olds who eat crayons as a hobby?

Tyler- Good question soldiers Sulayman maybe its Vince Why is it that TNA are crossing the line in all together different way?

 I have a better question what the hell is the line and if they crossed the line already why do they still suck?

Having sex with referees to gain favor, are you kidding me?

Tyler- Um, um (laughs)

What the hell is taking so damn long for Michaels to get back in the ring? Hair transplants?

Tyler- I know what you’re talking about Sulay it is taking Michaels a long time to return. I was going to even ask him to help me to take down The Wackness but when he would say yes sure he would have to put his hand way too far back as he don’t have a four head he has a five head.

So it made the other troops embarrassed so I had to let him go.

Why is it that Punk hasn't been bombarded with letters from angry moms for drug references if the viewership is sensitive and PG?

They have he just hasn’t received them yet Jeff Hardy is using them as rolling papers if you get what I am saying.

Why is it that Raw always looks for the easier route i.e. a guest host instead of trying to build the show respectfully?

Tyler- My only answer is Raw is Lazy.

What in the hell did Maryse spray in Mickie's face?

Tyler- Um Sexy juice?  

Or maybe love potion Shane sent her to make her fall deeply in love with him.

I guess this is why Mickie and Shane are getting married soon but who knows.

Tyler- Thank you soldier Sulayman for your update on the ongoing spread of The Wackness. Let’s try and stop those transactions from going further.

Now Shane what reports you have for me?

Shane- Before I address the current Wackness that recently went down. There is still some erupting WACK facts that need to be addressed that happend before NoC.

Big Show: Why is this guy not fighting men who can have a claim to be his size? Why are we seeing Show hunt the likes of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne?

Tyler- I think Show maybe be reliving his child hood days on the play ground.

Big Show has lost a lot of credibility. I don't have a problem with him winning a mid-card championship, but why must we suffer through another David versus Goliath angle?

Have Big Show be someone's bodyguard or build him back up to be the dominant force that he should be. Tossing around guys who are 200 pounds soaking wet isn't that impressive to me when we see the man tossing them around.

Tyler- It makes no sense to me Big Show has good in ring presence but still WWE does not know what to do with him. I wonder why?

Shane-Divas: Where is Jillian? Why is Katie Lea stuck on ECW with those horrid twins? Why isn't Gail Kim getting a more prominent role?

Tyler- Maybe Jillian’s wart reappeared and she is looking for Boogeyman to have some more wart suflay.

And for Gail Kim maybe this is her punishment for being in TNA.

Also for Katie Lea for her being on ECW is just as bad of an idea as WWE thinking of doing a storyline were her in her brother are lovers.


Michelle McCool is the Diva Champ and is the only female to have won both women belts in the WWE. Why? McCool isn't that great outside of her athleticism.

Tyler- I think it’s due to AkD and me recommending her we were too dazed of her sexiness.


Mickie James has been getting the shaft for a long time. Beth Phoenix has lost tons of momentum since the whole Santina debacle.

Tyler- WWE makes no sense they have awesome talent but over looks them just because they may not be as pretty as they others.

Right now, most of the time when a Divas match comes on the TV, I don't pay much attention. This is the WWE's fault because they have not given us the quality women wrestlers that many of us want to see. When you have sexy ladies who CAN wrestle, why not showcase them instead of just the ones who CAN'T?

Tyler- This frustrates me as well as TNA as proved that if you put on a quality women’s match people will pay attention.

But WWE wants to sell sexiness and that is just WACK as they are a wrestling organization right?

Shane- Motor City Machine Guns: TNA has the better tag team division out of the two major companies. The MCMG are the most exciting team on the brand, in my opinion. Why are they floundering around not doing anything of importance?

Tyler-TNA is just WACK all in all they have their good moments but then go right back down. They have awesome talent but don’t know how to use them.

Why are they chasing after Suicide and trying to unmask him? Why have them focus on singles gold with the X Division title? It's obvious that neither guy cares about the other gaining single's gold as they have both held the X Division title at one point or another. We aren't thinking dissension when one has the belt.

Tyler- This whole suicide thing makes no sense. What do they think Kaz can’t succeed without a mask?

Like you said MCMG running around trying to unmask him is WACK and waste of their talent doing so.

Can we get them in there with Team 3-D, Beer Money and The British Invasion, please? Continue focusing on the gem that is your tag division, TNA.

Tyler- Perhaps the Wackness that is Beer Money losing the TNA tag titles to Scott Steiner and Booker T. TNA is now going right ahead with WWE and seems to be demolishing the tag division. Why the heck are Booker and Steiner holding any gold, let alone a job right now?

Stupid move, TNA, really stupid.

Tyler- Yes this move was stupid Steiner can hardly move in the ring why is this dude wrestling still?

Every time I watch him it looks like his legs are simply going to collapse.

Thanks Shane for discussing some subjects that needed to be address from weeks ago and are currently still going on which is WACK.

Now AkD what do you have to address?

AkD- Big Show...where do I start? I'm a fan of the big man and all, but damn, damn, damn, god damn, where the hell is Ron Simmons?

I utterly understand that something needed to be done with him and he was the only odd ball in the six pack challenge, it looked like a bunch of 6 kids on the swings at the playground and the big giant hovering over them who can't fit.

Tyler- (laughs) like I told Shane I think Show is having some flash backs of his child hood.

I think WWE feels this the only way they can make him seem dominate.

Jericho's partner was supposed to be probably the biggest surprise of the night as the hype was ridiculous. When Show appeared I was ready to bash my television, laptop and go to bed, especially after seeing his attire. Congrats to Show, hopefully he becomes relevant again after being Cena's whipping boy, but this surprise was just plain WACK. Who cares?

Tyler-Yeah once I found out the news I was like hmm, “Looks like WWE got us fans again”.

I guess WWE is too smart for us fans as they once again fooled us. Not.

The big boys are happy because we were wrong, who would have thought of the Big Show. Dreamer losing to Christian in Philly is WACK. I wanted the belt off of Dreamer just as much as anyone, but the man should have won in Philly and dropped it at Summerslam, a much bigger stage than Night of Champions.

Tyler- Yeah WWE is just cold in Philly why. WWE knew what they were doing and that is just plain WACK and stupid wow.

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy was one hell of a match and Hardy winning was wack, but his winning isn't bad enough to discount the entire match. Congrats to Hardy and his fans, but ya boy is still wack.

Tyler- (Laughing hard)

What is happening to Chavo is beyond frustrating and to top it all off the WWE title scene know. Here's to Summerslam being awesome.

Tyler- Yeah thank you AkD for your thoughts on this ongoing Wackness yeah hopefully SummerSlam is good and WWE actually does something with Chavo.

What an epic Wackness this was I want to think all three awesome writers (AkD, Shane, and Sulayman) for expressing their opinions and thoughts to make an awesome The Wackness.

If you are interested in being featured in The Wackness hit me up and we can make it happen captain.

Stay aware of The Wackness before it gets to you.

Oh wait one more thing do are fellow communities and admins find our community WACK?



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