Atlanta Falcons Training Camp Preview

ryan deeringContributor IJuly 29, 2009

FLOWERY BRANCH, GA - MAY 9: Quarterback Matt Ryan #2 of the Atlanta Falcons attempts a pass during minicamp at the Falcons Complex on May 9, 2009 in Flowery Branch, Georgia. (Paul Abell/Getty Images)

            When I think of the N.F.L, I think of the big news that is going on. I think of things like; we will no longer see Brett Favre line up on Sundays, what team will want Michael Vick, and Plaxico Burress is now going to go to jail.

There are a lot of things happening, but no one hears about any underlying things that are occurring. With training camp just around the corner, I’m sure there is plenty to discuss.

In the Atlanta Falcons training camp there are some lesser known problems and success stories that could affect the team and their performance in the 2009-2010 season, hey are my top five subplots for the Atlanta Falcons coming into training camp.

First off, we all know that Tony Gonzalez will definitely add another threat to the Falcons offence, but Gonzalez has made it clear that he really does want to win a playoff game this year and hopefully a Super Bowl. This is understandable seeing how he is yet to win a playoff game. Gonzalez will give the opposing defenses just one more player they have to worry about.

Next, the Falcons are still yet to sign their first round pick of the draft, Peria Jerry. The Falcons used seven of their eight draft picks for defensive players. Is the fact that he is still unsigned going into training camp cause for concern? I wouldn’t say so. There are still many first round picks that have not signed with their teams. There could just be some disagreements between Jerry and the Falcons.

Third, should we be worried that two of the Falcons starting linebackers are no longer on the Falcons roster. Of course we should, but keep in mind that the two linebackers that are filling in are both veterans. They also have another linebacker with 2 years of experience.

Filling the next spot in my top five is Matt Ryan. He is returning for his second season and people wonder if he will have his “sophomore slump” or if he will continue on his path to greatness. Ryan has both expectations to fulfill and his own personal desires to do better. My opinion, Ryan keeps moving forward and we can expect much more out of this young star.

My final point of notice is the Falcons secondary. Everyone that was there last year is either gone or is fighting for the starting position. This could be bad because this defense will have a lot of guys that are new to starting and new to working with all of the other guys that are new to starting. There will probably be a lot of miscommunication, possibly causing the defense to give up a lot of long passes that could go for a touchdown.

 The Falcons will do well this year from what I can see. Just keep an eye on the things that I have mentioned here today