How Ring Of Honor Could Compete With WWE and TNA

David PhillipsAnalyst IJuly 29, 2009

26 Oct 2001: Buff Bagwell and his girls after winning fight during the WWA Wrestling 'Inception'  fight night held at the Sydney Superdome, Sydney, Australia.  DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Chris McGrath/ALLSPORT

How Ring of Honor could up star TNA in the battle against World Wrestling Entertainment.

Yes, I said it: ROH could be the next up star company. ROH currently has 32 performers on their roster listed on their Web site. Now having said that, I know maybe 10 to 15 of these guys couldn't hold a candle to most of WWE or TNA's performer's.

So the No. 1 problem is that ROH needs better competitors. So here's what they should do: First pick up talent WWE has mishandled or talent WWE has neglected to look at.

So let's see, here's a few that come to mind right off the bat: Buff Bagwell—the current NWA mid-atlantic Champion. The former WCW star is now 39-years-old and could play the veteran role for ROH.

Elix Skipper—former TNA and WCW star showed excitement in the ring when he performed. He could bring a cruiser-weight division to ROH, which would be very different than anything WWE is doing since they currently do not have a light-heavyweight champion.

Elijah Burke—the former WWE star, as part of the ECW show. He is being rumored to be heading to TNA, but is a guy ROH could use to up the excitement.

Vampiro—best known for his feud with Sting in 2000-2001 before WCW folded. He worked as main-event talent for a company which I can not remember that aired on MTV at like 3 a.m., but point being he would bring experience to ROH could help new talent develop.

Sean Waltman—yes I said Walman. Yes X-Pac Syxx, whatever you want to call him. Waltman could help the cruiser-weight division if ROH even want's to try in start one. Walman has worked for about every company out there, so why not try another run.

Mark Jindrak—former WCW tag team champion with now MMA competitor Sean O'Hare. He could make a team with someone like a Chuck Palumbo or a Shawn Stasiak—either one would be a good fit and are former WWE and WCW guys.

Shannon Moore could help the cruiserweight division if—and that's a big if—ROH wants to go in that direction. Moore is excitement in the ring and a daredevil.

We also have people like Rob Van Dam, Steve Corino, and there are also numerous NWA and other regional wrestlers that would love to work for the promotion—hell I'll even volunteer.

ROH could also try in bring in a Sid Vicious or Randy Savage as they have with Ric Flair and Bret Hart to help promote the company, and if they were able to be a viable entity in pro wrestling, they could bring in a Eric Bishoff to run the bookings and creative department. He did build WCW before it's demise. Heck even Paul Heyman could help.

ROH would need to sign a better T.V deal. I mean who gets HDnet anyway? But at least they are able to have that for now, work with it, and then get noticed and move from there.

I know several of you are probably like this guy is nuts, but hey TNA started from almost nothing and look were they are today and ROH has already produced the like of Samoa Joe and C.M. Punk and has had Jeff Hardy wrestle for them and etc.