NBA Draft 2008.....With a Twist: Picks 11-20

Michael PeresContributor IMay 12, 2008

The continuation of the 2008 NBA Draft "with a twist"...for picks 1-10 check Friday's article.

11. Indiana Pacers—Chris Bosh-Really can't go wrong with Bosh here.  He's a big man that can score at will in the paint and really defend the rim.  I personally think he could be a much better player if he put on just a little weight, but I definetly would not complain picking him up in the 11-spot.

12. Sacramento Kings—Kevin Durant—I'm sure most people wouldn't take Durant this high in a league filled with talent, but you can't ignore that he has one of the highest ceilings of anyone his age, taking into account his young age and the horrible situation he was thrown into in Seattle. I personally believe he will end up in the MVP race for many years to come.

13. Portland Trailblazers—Tony Parker—I'm not sure how much Eva Longoria would enjoy Portland as a city, but Tony Parker is one of the most underrated point guards in the league.  He always comes up huge in the playoffs and has the rare ability to score down low for his size.

14. Golden State Warriors—Carmelo Anthony—2007-08 was 'Melo's fifth seasonin the NBA and I still don't know what to think about him.  He is obviously very talented and one of the premiere scorers in the NBA, yet there is something about his game that keeps him out of my top-10.  I think it might be his attitude and inability to make those around him better.

15. Atlanta Hawks—Dwyane Wade—If it wasn't for his current rash of injuries the last couple of seasons he would have been in my top-10 without a doubt.  One of the most explosive players in the league and very likable from a fan's perspective.  Put him in a city like Atlanta and I believe Wade would flourish.

16. Philadelphia 76ers—Chauncey Billups—This is where I think the draft falls off some.  I think everyone here-on-out has severe age issues, health issues, or other issues that keep them from being a completely dominant player.  Chauncey is a great start to a team, giving Philadelphia a strong physical point guard with proven leadership.

17. Toronto Raptors—Al Jefferson—Gives Toronto a dominant post player that can post double-doubles as often as Bennett Salvatore blows a big call.  Jefferson is young, strong, and keeps getting better every year.

18. Washington Wizards—Carlos Boozer—Sometimes a little inconsistent and very undersized, but Boozer makes up for all of that with his determination and strength.  It seems like every time he puts up a double-double it's some ridiculous numbers like 22 and 22.  I do think he needs a good point guard that can get him the ball where he needs it, though.

19. Cleveland Cavaliers—Gilbert Arenas—Sure it's a bit of a gamble considering all the injury problems Arenas has had.  However, if he can stay healthy he is one of the best players in the whole NBA and is capable of dropping 50 points every night.  Add his knack for being in the spotlight and Agent Zero is a steal at 19.

20. Denver Nuggets—Allen Iverson—The first player to actually land on his current team.  I personally am a huge AI fan and it kills me to put him at 20 on the list.  At the same time you can't ignore that his age is getting up there and I'm not sure how many more seasons he can play at the breakneck pace that we all know and love about Iverson.

Picks 21-30 coming on Wednesday.