Lita: The Greatest Women's Champion of All-Time

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2009

Lita is many different things to many different people. For some she is the "Lucha Libre Queen," and for others she is the "Punk Rock Diva," but for the Matt Hardy fans, she's the "B*tch from Hell." However, Lita's ability to make so many fans feel so many different things about her was one of the things that made her so interesting and fun to watch.

You never knew what to except with Lita.

She actually began her career in ECW, as a valet, before coming to the WWE and becoming a valet once again. However, after a while Team Xtreme was born and we got a chance to see what Lita could really do in the ring.

In her early years, Lita spent most of her time using chairs on the Hardy's opponents or maybe performing a hurricanrana or a moon sault. She wasn't one of those valets who stood helpless on the side of the ring if Matt and Jeff got their a** kicked in the ring. Lita was going to be in there, too.

Lita's drive and determination was all to prove a point to the crowd. The point was that women can wrestle just as good as men. Eventually women's wrestling actually caught on, after the "Attitude Era" nearly destroyed it for good.

I believe Lita had a big part in this.

Lita was the first WWE Diva to actually try and display in-ring talent, since the days of Alundra Blayze.

For much of her career, she stood in the shadow of Trish Stratus, but without Lita, Trish would still be walking around in the ring on all fours barking for Mr. McMahon.

Lita started it all. She was the first Diva in a long time to demand respect and she got it.

Lita's in-ring style was one of a true champion.

She was the Women's division "daredevil." She was one of the very few high-flying Divas. Lita's high risk moves really helped her outshine her competition. Her four title reigns were never that eventful, but that was never what made Lita special. Lita is one of the most overlooked WWE performers of all time. She never gets the respect she deserves, since the whole Edge/Matt Hardy incident.

She was like The Undertaker. She never needed a title to gain the respect. The fans admired her for her talent and passion for wrestling. The fans cared about Lita because they knew she cared about them.

Lita is the "Greatest Women's Champion of All-Time" not because she held the title so many times or because she held it for over a year (she did neither). She was the greatest Women's Champion because of the heart, passion, and talent she displayed in the ring. She respected this business and loved it. It was always about respect with Amy Dumas. After she lost the fans respect, she had to leave.

Lita was a second generation trailblazer. She decided to relight the candle that Moolah, Mae Young, and many others had created so many years ago. Lita was the first WWE Diva to say "whatever happened to women's wrestling?". She brought back the women's division.

I did not choose Lita for this Creature Vs. Creature because I thought she was the best women's champion to ever hold the title. I chose her because in the heart of any true wrestling fan, she is the only champion that matters. She made it possible for women to actually wrestle and be taken seriously again and for that she is "The Greatest Women's Champion of All-Time."


Thank you Lita.


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