Favre Stays Retired, Why Shouldn't the Vikes Get Michael Vick?

mateus naegeleContributor IJuly 29, 2009

30 Dec 2001: Michael Vick # 7 of the Atlanta Falcons looks for an open man down field against the Miami Dolphins in the second quarter at Pro Player Stadium in Miami Florida. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

Ok, Michael Vick was reinstated by the NFL Commissioner now. No more talks about how horrendous were the things he did. Let's talk football.

Right now, no team has publicly expressed interest in Vick. Seriously? That same guy that shocked the world with his highlights, sold more jerseys than almost anyone in the league in the present, former Madden cover... Anyway, that's also for another discussion.

I bring here the possibility of Vick joining the Minnesota Vikings. Can you imagine how hard it would be to plan the defense against this franchise? As a true football fan, as I always say, with no favorite team, I have to say I would feel more than anxious to watch every single game of the Vikes.

They already have one of the greatest playmakers in the League right now on the backfield, in Adrian Peterson.

Recently drafted a Reggie Bush kind-of-guy to be a receiver, in Percy Harvin.

One of the best O-lines in the NFL.

That, leaving aside they have one of the most feared defenses in the League.

Remember that they still have a QB controversy, between Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

Also, keep in mind that what they truly expect is to develop Jackson to be a reliable starter. You have to assume most plays are designed specially for him—an agile and athletic quarterback, with a strong arm who can always run for more yards whenever the defense seems to have everything covered.

...Did that ring a bell? Vick, the experienced quarterback who previously turned things around for the Falcons, can do this all. He is an improved and approved version on Tarvaris Jackson. What would be the risk in signing him?

Favre just stated he is indeed going to remain retired (FINALLY, with all due respect). They wouldn't need to play Vick as a starter right away, putting him as just another option for the vacant spot under center. No obvious risks there.

Besides, what's wrong with acquiring a former Pro-Bowl quarterback for the price of a bag of potato chips?

Also, Vick has always proven to be a good presence in the locker room, hard-working, what would not create distractions among all the heavy weaponry in this offense.

Man, you have to say that would be a thrilling team to watch, a threat to every team, a Super Bowl bet, besides the possibility of the creation of a new dynasty.

True football fans have to feel thrilled with the possibility to watch the beginning of a new historic team. Every game would be a highlight tape. Afff, I'm getting goose bumps.

How do YOU feel?