24 Most Exciting Players in the NFL

Chris FarmerCorrespondent IJuly 29, 2009

HOUSTON - DECEMBER 28:  Devin Hester #23 of the Chicago Bears runs after a catch against Jacques Reeves #35 of the Houston Texans during the second half at the Reliant Stadium on December 28, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  The Texans won 31-24.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The Wow Factor. Those that dazzle. In no particular order.

1. Devin Hester - Duh. See quintessential return man in the dictionary. I hope he can keep elevating his game as a WR, because if he has more open field opportunities we get to see more highlights. Devin Hester Highlights

2. Adrian Peterson - "All Day" A.P. creates his own running lanes and runs 110%. The closest anyone has ever come to running like Jim Brown.

3. Randy Moss - He is slowing down a little bit still makes ridiculous catches and is an awesome deep ball threat.

4. Tom Brady - Mr. Clutch, poised in the pocket with great pocket awareness, tremendous accuracy, huge arm, manages the game, the best QB in NFL history.

5. Brian Westbrook - Sick moves, a complete workhorse RB who catches as many balls as anyone RB in the league and can score from anywhere.

6. Darren Sproles - You might say LaDainian Tomlinson should be here and he is without a doubt one of the best RB's of all time. Injuries and age however are slowing down the great L.T. and Sproles has some of the best jukes in the game right now.

7. Antonio Cromartie - Antonio made the highlight reel seemingly every week in 2007, was playing injured last season though but I think he will return to form this year.

8. Calvin Johnson - Could be even more talented than Randy Moss, if he can only put it all together. I hope he doesn't suffer Barry Sanders' disease and get stuck playing on bad teams most of his career.

9. DeAngelo Williams - An dynamic player that stepped up his game last year to open some eyes around the league.

10. Steve Smith - Superior athlete that will make any catch, and out leap, out think and out hustle any defender on the field.

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