WWE Night of Champions 2009 Prediction Competition Results

JSenior Analyst IJuly 29, 2009

The Night Of Champions pay-per-view has come and gone, and the road to SummerSlam has begun. New champions were crowned, partners were revealed, and rivalries forged, but who among you saw these events coming?

I don’t think anyone was predicting The Big Show as Jericho’s partner, and there were few that thought Jeff Hardy and Christian would take away the gold. But, that is the way the WWE goes, as unpredictable as ever.

Nevertheless, 66 of you were brave enough to take part in this prediction competition, with varied success, but who came out on top of the pack?

For rules and results of all my prediction competitions, follow this link

Let’s get to the results:


66th – Two points

Carlos Ramos


65th – Three points

Adrian Staehle


64th – Five points

Dustin Speaker


Joint 62nd – Six points

Dan Telek

Jen Preston


Joint 54th – Seven points

King Of Kings

Hayley Graham

Brandon Marsdin

Josh McMullen

Jev Thorpe

Vitamin D

Alex Gilmore

Kendrick Davis


Joint 44th – Eight points

Ricky Bhatia

Jeff D Gorman

Justin Thomas

Ray Bogusz

Tom Moore-Hilgenkamp

Malik Williams

Alex Brooks

DJ Rallo


Gary Johnson


Joint 41st – Nine points

Tommy Cochran

Ron Johnson

Chad Robinson


Joint 24th – 10 points

Scott Beeby



Terrell Johnson

Catalina Monsalve

Shawn Straightedge

Gabriel D

Chase Ruttig

Bobby Lewis

John Landrigan

Jonathan Sheridan

Matthew Hester

Mike Fenton

Wyatt Beltz


Josh Logan



Joint 15th – 11 points


Dub Sizzle

Logan Lohman

Jennifer Hill

I hear voices in my head


Alanna 1974

Austin Kretsos

Marina Mtz


Joint Ninth – 12 points


Captain Charisma

Matthew Henning

Tori Horn

Christi Lott

Hector De Jesus


Joint Fourth – 13 points

J Capozzi

Nefatiri H

Shane H

Jared Farver

Michael Archey


Third – 14 points

Danny Starry


In joint First place, and the winners, with 15 points…

Benjamin David

Connor Green


Connor only failed to predict Jeff Hardy’s win, whereas Benjamin thought that The Big Show would walk away with the U.S. Championship.

I thought that some of the results from Night Of Champions were very hard to call, so both these guys did exceptionally well, and deserve their places as winners.

Thanks to everyone for playing and I hope to hear from you all again come SummerSlam.