Rise Of The Heroes—Manchester United

Muriel D'saContributor IJuly 29, 2009

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 18:  A statue of Sir Matt Busby stands in front of a giant mural commemorating the famous Busby Babes on the front of Manchester United's football stadium at Old Trafford on January 18, 2008, Manchester, England. Manchester United fans will be marking 50 years since the Munich diisaster with various events in the UK and Munich. The mural depicts the United team lining up before their European Cup game with Red Star Belgrade before the disaster at Munich airport on February 6, 1958 which claimed 23 of the 44 passengers on board.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Who has ever said that heroes don’t rise over night, well I surely can defy that. In the world of soccer Manchester United has over written our views.  To better understand, let's rewind back to the February 6, 1958 disaster, better known as the Munich disaster.


It wasn’t just another major disaster, but this time a major catastrophe that awaited the United fans.


"Seven Manchester United footballers had lost their lives. The British European Airways plane caught fire when it hit buildings shortly after take off.

The airliner had been chartered to carry the team home after a European Cup match in Belgrade.

The football world lost some of its most talented young players in the disaster  known as the Busby Babes after team manager Matt Busby"—BBC,6th Feb 1958 


Grief filled hearts of millions, yet hope dwelled within one and all, where the remains of the great were crushed, there hope and belief stood tall and strong.


With a short notice towards death, three all-time great players lay silently in the arms of eternal rest. The convoy of hearse after hearse passed streets in Old Trafford with utmost respect to the loved ones. The Reds were here to stay and so as they said, the comeback was much grand than ever before.


It was this spirit that brought yet another stronger team to challenge all odds. Life is not a bed of roses and the United players did bring affront the realities of life.

And today as a proud fan I salute their achievements, not only were they brave enough, but left us a valuable thought for life.


"If your will power is strong enough, you surely would have a great come back with more power to confront all odds, it's well said that even a ray of light is the beginning of a new tomorrow"


 So all you Manchester United fans buck up as we have a lot more winning to do…