Bronx Bombers' Three Up, Three Down

Ryan McFaddenCorrespondent IMay 12, 2008

Three Up

Darrell Rasner

The 29-year-old right hander once again turned in a quality start going six innings and allowing two runs against the powerful Detroit Tigers' lineup.

Although he doesn't have the hype and attention that surrounds his counterparts Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, he is earning himself a spot in the rotation for the time being.

Rasner has good command of all his pitches, especially his curve ball which he consistently threw for strikes against the Tiger hitters.

He also attacks hitters and does not shy away from contact, something that Hughes and Kennedy need to adopt.

Robinson Cano

Although Cano has struggled mightily at the plate this year, he seems to be turning things around.

He went seven for 18 with a home run and three runs batted in. He looks to have his swing back. The Yankees need Cano to get going, especially with A-Rod and Posada on the DL.

Jason Giambi

Another struggling Yankee slugger who appears to have found his swing is Giambi. He went five for 13 with two home runs and six RBI.

Even when Giambi made outs, he was hitting the ball hard.

In what will most likely be his last season in pinstripes, it would be nice to see a guy with Giambi's power contribute to the offense.

Three Down

Kei Igawa

A $46 million bust who replaces Carl Pavano as the grossly overpaid pitcher that always seems to be on the Yankees' staff.

Igawa was pounded by Tiger bats in what hopefully will be his only start of the season. Igawa went three innings, giving up eleven hits, six earned runs, and didn't strike out a single batter.

This start, along with his woes last season, cements the fact that Igawa never will be an effective major league starter. 

Everyone Involved in Signing Kei Igawa

Enough said.

Wilson Betemit

He was Swiss cheese at third base during Igawa's start. There were a few balls that he watched bounce by him into the outfield for singles or doubles that were playable. He also had an error and landed on the DL for the second time this season with a strained hamstring.