Nascar: Can They Do No Wrong?

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Nascar: Can They Do No Wrong?
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

To stop all the conspiracy theory on their tracks, NASCAR should release not only Juan Pablo Montoya’s pit road data, but also speed information on all the participants.

That would proof there was no bias in the speeding penalty, and it shouldn't be that hard to do—just make the data available on their web site for all to see.

Questions about the process that needs to be known:

1) Once the red comes up on their monitor (or however they do it) is the penalty decision automatic, or is it a judgment call?

2) What are the steps that lead to a penalty?

3) Who makes the final decision on whether or not to hand out a penalty?

Answers to this questions would clarify things, and this would be a simple way to stop all the blog chatter, right?

Allegedly, Felix Sabates was going to ask for the data , but I have not heard of NASCAR given him any information on the subject.

The data on Juan would be useless on its own...they need to have all the info, on all the drivers. With all that information they can see if there were other drivers who hit the red marks.

In the middle of all that traffic and all that anxiety, I find it hard to believe that out of 43 drivers only one of the front-running teams was speeding. The law of averages tells us different.

There were actually about five penalties, all of them to non-contending teams.

These are just simple question—no accusations, just questions.

I know there are many hardcore fans in the B/R site that feel an opinion is not valid unless it agrees with theirs. Well, I'm very sorry if some folks feel that way .

The great thing about opinions is that everybody has one, that everybody is allowed to express them, that no one person owns the righteous one, and that asifyouknow chooses to respect everyone who has one.

And I thank God for all that.

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