The Miami Dolphins' Future in the 2009 NFL

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IJuly 28, 2009

NEW YORK - JULY 21:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell attends the NFL, ESPN/ESPN Deportes and the Miami Dolphins press conference at the Time Warner Center on July 21, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

The underwriter attempted to write an article concerning players and different scenarios for the Miami Dolphins. The laptop was not cooperative with him so this will be a general review and opinion.

Before starting with the 2009 season, it is important to recap the last two years. The year 2007 was a disaster for the Fins with only one game won. The team was demoralized and the coach was a disaster.

It was a miracle that Miami was spared the fate of Detroit, which became the first team in NFL history to lose every game during one of their seasons. The year 2008 was a year of change in the guard and the team.

Parcells was brought in to help with the change, and Sparano was hired as a coach. The Fins improved a lot in the 2008 NFL Season, and they were even candidates for the playoffs. However, it was not to be.

The NFL Season is coming, and people in Miami still want a repeat of a perfect season and are expecting more from their team than in previous attempts. The fear is that the fans may be deceived if they receive what is least expected.

It is of the opinion of the underwriter that the Miami Dolphins is still a team in reconstruction mode after a decade of abuse and mismanagement. It would be an injustice to name players or techniques that could result in a Super Bowl team or even winning it.

The first thing that should be addressed is that every season is different. The year 2009 is totally different from the perfect season of 1972.

If the Miami Dolphins expect to win or even do better than the year 2008, several things need to happen. Mr. Sparano will have to make tough decisions on which players will stay, and which ones will go.

My only suggestion for Mr. Sparano is to stay away from Michael Vick because he is a liability in football. The rest of the decisions will have to be based not only on professional play but on personal conduct.

The people who play football should also develop a well disciplined and well oiled team that can stand the pressure of the game. This can be accomplished by obeying the coach and working as a team. The idea of personality clashes should be consigned to the trash can.

The practices should take place in mountains surrounded by tough roads and under hot and cold weather conditions. The idea of practicing in a gym is not the way to make a championship. The conditions of hardship are those that make a team.

When all of these elements are together, only then can the Miami Dolphins talk about a future in the 2009 NFL Season.