Brett Favre's Retirement Opens Door for Michael Vick

PunkusAnalyst IJuly 28, 2009

Vikings fans everywhere are disappointed about the announcement that Brett Favre has decided to stay retired. 

Even at the age of 40, Favre would bring credibility to any team. Opposing defenses needed to respect Favre's abilities. He made things happen with the football. He was a gunslinger.

Favre held the Vikings hostage with his indecision, and now Minnesota is stuck with another season of having a passing game that doesn't scare anyone. Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson hardly strike fear into the hearts of NFL secondaries.

Minnesota is once again one-dimensional, and has to rely on Adrian Peterson to win their games for them.

Or do they?

The Vikings were ready to take a risk with the aging arm of Brett Favre after the end of the season meltdown he had last year with the Jets. Why wouldn't they be willing to take a shot on another risky player?

Michael Vick is free and clear to sign with any team in the NFL, but few teams are in need of a starting QB. 

Minnesota already has a "backup plan" in place with Rosenfels and Jackson, but the Vikings know that neither of these guys has the chops, or they wouldn't have entertained the possibility of Favre's third coming.  

The Vikings have also constantly shown that they are willing to ignore a player's off-the-field faults, as was the case with Percy Harvin and Randy Moss.

The addition of Vick just makes sense, and the timing couldn't be more perfect.  It is a risk, but it could pay off.

Aside from the PR frenzy it might cause, (which would go away after a few months) the real question with Vick is if he still has what it takes to play football in the NFL. If he can answer positively to that question, then I can't see how this doesn't make sense.

If Minnesota signs Vick, they could have a monopoly in the running game. They would have Michael Vick, a QB with great speed, Peterson, the most dominant running back in the league, and Percy Harvin, a receiver threat who can run the ball.

All the different possibilities that Vick could create are just amazing.  

It makes sense, Minnesota. Embrace the madness and go get Michael Vick!