Brett Favre Decision Expected Within 48 Hours

Dan AdamsCorrespondent IJuly 28, 2009

Minnesotans are desperate for a decision from their longtime hated rival Brett Favre. Over the past three months we have been treated to the annual Favre circus that surround every off season. Usually, it was us laughing at the "Cheese Heads" because of the anguish they all feared the day their leader retired. Oh, how things have changed. Talking to people in Minnesota about Viking football in 2009 always circles back to one topic. Well, if Brett's here this. Well, if Brett's here that. Who would have thought that true Minnesota Vikings fans would be pinning their hopes on what is probably the most hated rival quarterback over the past two decades. The word if is key and according to sources a decision could be expected by 3:00pm Wednesday, July 29th.

When it comes to winning the Super Bowl, most fans would recommend to the front office of their favorite team to do whatever it takes to become the best. In this case, we all wait on one player, who will be turning 40 this Fall. A quarterback plagued by forcing a lot of unnecessary throws throughout his career and the All-time leader in career interceptions. Yes, he has won a Super Bowl. Yes, he did lead Green Bay to the NFC Championship in 2008. And yes, he also imploded last year after starting out 8-3 with the New York Jets.

You can blame it on the shoulder. You can blame it on the coaching staff asking him to throw 30+ times in just about every game. You can also blame Brett Favre. A good teammate would not let his team suffer if he knew he couldn't hack it. He is so wrapped up in his career statistics and himself that it makes many of his fellow teammates sick. Everyone saw the blowup after the season from Jets, running back, Thomas Jones.

Brett Favre reported that he would give the Minnesota Vikings a decision on whether he will be playing with them by Thursday this week. My sources within the team and in town here have reported to me that he will be making that decision public by 3:00pm this Wednesday. I have a sneaky feeling the way things have been going it might turn out the wrong way for the Minnesota Vikings. After reading the first half of this article you might think well is that if he decides to play for Minnesota or if he decides not to play for Minnesota.

I truly believe it is a lose, lose situation for the Minnesota Vikings and they will find out right about when the New York Jets did. Post-Thanksgiving day will prove all the tell-tale signs I mentioned earlier. I just see negativity surrounding this club in the second half of the season. Brad Childress is overrated as a coach. He got them to the playoffs last year when they fell apart against the Eagles. With Tavaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels the team doesn't get any better either. They should have acquired Jay Cutler or seriously be considering Michael Vick as an option. Either way, it will be another black and blue season for the Purple People Eaters in 2009.