NFL Should Suspend Goodell, Not Vick

Nick BachContributor IJuly 28, 2009

NEW YORK - JULY 27:  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answers questions from the media after reinstating Michael Vick on a conditional basis on July 27, 2009 at the InterContinental Hotel in New York City.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

Leonard Little, Chris McAlister, David Terrell, Dwight Smith, Jarrod Cooper, Michael Pittman, Sam Brandon, Sebastian Janikowski, Adam Jones, Chris Henry, Donte Stallworth.

All of those NFL players committed some kind of offense. I know I will offend some people, but being drunk while driving is more of a detriment to people's safety and well being than killing a dog. Now I understand that Vick did some pretty messed up things. I also understand the culture in which Vick grew up in which desensitized him to seeing the wrong in such actions.

The problem here is NOT what Vick did or did not do. He served his jail time and was indefinitely suspended by the league for 2 years, adding 6 more games is not only ridiculous, but so is punishing a guy twice for the same offense. Not even Little or Jones has dealt with that? Why is it happening to Vick? Because Roger Goodell is a little punk.

He has a policy of deciding which fines are public and which are private. Why aren't all fines simply public? Goodell only certain fines public and hands out many many more that the public doesn't even hear about. So if the fines are to promote a positive culture and good behaviour then why not use every single fine as an example that? Aren't you supposed to keep players, staff, and personnel from committing the same offenses? He keeps fines and situations that stem from a personal bias to himself.

Roger Goodell is turning the NFL into a pansy league. Curling is more exciting half the time. A cornerback should be allowed to have his hands on a wide reciever. He just shouldn't be able to revent him from catching the ball - pulling the arm away, grabbing the jersey, pushing off with the arms. Make it like soccer!! How about we change the whole rules and give penalties like in Ice Hockey!? You clip a guy - you get a 2 minute clipping penalty. 2 minute minors, 5 minute majors, 10 minute game misconducts. Watch if Hines Ward does any illegal blocking, you think Roy Williams will horse collar anyone? Who will have the most penalties in minutes: Antonio Pierce, or Olin Kreutz?

The biggest problem is that Roger Goodell is a God. He's not even a nice god, he's an old-testament style I'm-gonna-kick-your-butt-cause-you-made-a-golden-calf kind of guy. He is a jerk. He was picked on as a kid. He was a rich kid nobody liked except other rich kids. He went to Washington and Jefferson College and never played football cause of an injury. He's like a probation officer, only instead of sending people to jail for nothing, he fines or suspends them for nothing - a la Vick, Ward, et al.

DeMaurice Smith needs to bust his butt and make sure that the next players agreement limits ANY commissioner's ability to simply make decisions at will with no over site. If it's illegal to be jailed without going in front of an IMPARTIAL judge or jury than you shouldn't have the current situation in the NFL. The NFL needs cleaned up - and it should start with the removal of Roger Goodell.