Video: Mark Buehrle Does Top 10 List on David Letterman Show

Midwest Sports FansAnalyst IJuly 28, 2009

CHICAGO, IL - JULY 23: Pitcher Mark Buehrle #56 of the Chicago White Sox pitches in the 9th inning as he pitches a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays at U.S. Cellular Field on July 23, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox defeated the Rays 5-0, as Buehrle became the 18th pitcher in 132 years of major league baseball to throw a perfect game. (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)

A few days after completing the first perfect in the Majors in a half decade, Chicago White Sox lefty ace Mark Buehrle joined David Letterman to deliver last night’s Top 10 List.

Watch the video below (found via a link at today’s Hot Clicks), or just skip straight to the list, which I’ve painstakingly taken the liberty of transcribing for you after the video.

And congrats to Josh Fields and Dewayne Wise for their cameo. If you blink you might miss it, but it’s nice to see the two unsung heroes of Buehrle’s effort get the credit they deserve.

Video: Mark Buehrle Does David Letterman Show Top 10 List

And here is the list in case you’re at work and can’t watch.



Top 10 Things Going Through Mark Buehrle’s Mind While Throwing His Perfect Game

10. I did it! I did! Oh wait, it’s only the fourth inning.

9. If this doesn’t get Kate Hudson to notice me, nothing will.

8. Too bad I’m not on my own fantasy team.

7. My brother-in-law bowled a perfect game. (then laughs)

6. We’re going to Disney World (with Josh Fields and Dewayne Wise)…and I’m running for the governor of Alaska.

5. Did I remember to TiVo “So You Think You Can Dance.”

4. I’m leaving after the seventh inning to beat the traffic.

3. Should I shave my back?

2. Sunflower seed…lodged in my windpipe…get help!

1. Maybe I’ll give up one hit so I don’t have to appear on Letterman.