New York Mets Honor Dodgers at Citi Field, but What about Giants?

Dan SiegelSenior Analyst IMay 11, 2008

The Jackie Robinson Rotunda…

An Ebbets Field facade…

It looks like the New York Mets’ own Fred Wilpon will be doing plenty to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers at their new home, Citi Field, which they will move into in April 2009.

Sounds great—a tribute to one of the game’s pioneers and a historic venue that never should have been torn down.

Just one problem, claim some New Yorkers.

The Mets, who many former Brooklyn Dodger and New York Giant fans adopted as their new favorite team, seem to be making two major gestures to honor their Brooklyn heritage, but none to honor their New York heritage.

True, they call themselves the “New York” Mets and use the interlocking “NY” on their hats in Giant orange as their primary logo, but they also use Dodger blue in their color scheme, which is seen predominantly in their current home, Shea Stadium.

A group that calls themselves the “New York Giants Baseball Nostalgia Society” has been making some noise regarding the lack of recognition that the Giants will receive at Citi Field.  They realize that Fred Wilpon can do what he wants with the park, but feel as though the Giants have been slighted in Citi Field’s plans.

However, the plans for Citi Field do include a couple of nods to the New York Giants and their former home, the Polo Grounds (also the home of the Mets before the opening of Shea Stadium).

One will be the inclusion dark green seats in the stands, which was the same color featured in the Polo Grounds.

The second will be varying wall heights and angles in the outfield.

Will these elements make the New York Giants’ fans feel at “home” in Citi Field, or are these features reminiscent of many current and former “retro” ball parks including Citizens Bank Park, Comerica Park, Camden Yards, and Minute Maid Park?