Barcelona Get Target but Did Inter Milan Get a Better Deal

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IJuly 28, 2009

Barcelona have completed the deal to bring Inter Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the Camp Nou.

He will set Barca back £46m and in a money plus player deal, Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o has agreed to move the other way and join the Italian giants.

In total the deal set Barca back just under £60m as Eto'o is raited and valued at £14m.

Plus as if the deal wasn't sweet as it stands for Inter, Barca has also agreed to loan out midfielder Aliksander Hleb on a season-long loan. They will have the chance to buy Hleb at the end of the season for a reported £10m.

Ibrahimovic has signed a five-year contract with Barcelona as to has Eto'o with Inter.

Ibrahimovic said he was tired of the challenge and struggle in Serie A and wanted to join the Camp Nou faithful since December.

Eto'o has said it will be a new challenge for him and he can't wait to play in yet another of Europe's top leagues.

Point of the Article

Is it me, or is this deal much much better for Inter rather then Barca? Ok, they get a highly-rated striker but in Ibrahimovic but they lose an arguably better striker in Samuel Eto'o, plus they lose Hleb for a year.

With this have Barcelona paid way over the odds for a player that some people and spectators see as lazy and not consistent with his goal scoring and general ability.

Lets look at the stats and Bio's of the players.


Name: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Age: 27

Position: Striker

Birth place: Malmo, Sweden.

Teams he has played for: Malmo, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan.

Malmo (1999-2001)

Goals, 16, apps 40

Ajax  (2001-2004)      

Goals 35, apps 74            

Juventus  (2004-2006)  

goals 23, apps 70           

Inter Milan (2006 -2009)

Goals 57, apps 88

Sweden  (2001-    )

Goals 21, apps 56


Eto'os bio

Name: Samuel Eto'o

Age: 28

Position: striker

Bith place: Douala, Cameroon

Teams: Real Madrid, Leganas, Espanyol, Mallorca and Barcelona.

Real Madrid   (1997-2000)

Goals 0, apps 3

Leganas   (1997-1998) Loan

Goals 3, apps 28

Espanyol  (1998-1999) Loan

Goals 0, apps 0

Mallorca (1999-2000) Loan

Goals 6, apps 13

Mallorca (2000-2004)

Goals 48, apps 120

Barcelona (2004-2009)

Goals 108, apps 145

Cameroon (1996-     )

Goals 39, apps 84


My opinion

If you ask me, Eto'o is better then Ibrahimovic and he is a better all-round player. I think Barca are a bit silly letting him go as he was one of their top goal scorers and was a great help when it came to winning the treble last year.

Im not sure how well Ibrahimovic will do in Spain, I think he has gone to a better club but a tougher challenge, and if he was mourning about the challenge of Serie A, what will his reaction be to the Spanish game. Only time will tell I guess. He has a good goal tally which I'm sure he'll add to.

So if you ask me, Inter got the better deal. I broke it down like this, its quiet simple:

Inter Milan get Eto'o, Hleb and £46m.

Barcelona get Ibrahimovic with possible £10m for Hleb.

Well, as always, what do the fans think? Barcelona fans, are you happy with the deal? Inter Milan fans, are you Happy with the deal? If anyone wishes to comment then please feel free to do so? As always hope you enjoyed the read.



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