Faithbreaker II: McCool Does It Again, Proves Worth and Outshines Divas

AkDSenior Writer IJuly 28, 2009

Night of Champions has come and gone, and the WWE Universe is underway with is post-PPV routines, marking out in celebration for their favorite star(s), or tearing their house apart in utter frustration.

This PPV was an odd one to say the least with weird match placements, shocking wins, and other surprises.

Hearts were broken when Captain Charisma didn't make the "supposedly" epic heel turn, and heads turned when Jeff Hardy won against CM Punk and became the new World Heavyweight champion despite the overwhelming odds that he faced.

One of the biggest and most pleasant surprises was the WWE Women's title match between champion Michelle McCool and challenger Melina. In a night with many ups and downs, we were treated with a diva match of the year candidate, if not the best so far.

It was the tale of four M's (Not our magnificent M), can you guess which two shined?

The Faithbreaker returned following this match as many observers were singing a different tune after the bout.

Michelle McCool isn't the most popular diva and isn't likely to be on anyone's top or favorite divas list, but she showed everyone exactly why she is the top diva and Women's champion.

Even those who disliked the Women's champ knew to give credit when it was due, but there will always be those who will always hate her regardless of what she does.

McCool always was the diva to be the target of negativity and managed to gain flak for pretty much everything, especially becoming the first diva to have ever held both the Women and Divas' titles.

She had defeated Natalya a little over a year ago at the Bash 2008 to become the very first Divas champion. A year later at the same PPV, McCool defeated Melina earn her first Women's title and the first diva to reach the feat of holding both women titles.

McCool tasted victory after applying the Faithbreaker on Melina. She'll never be able to escape the theory that all of her success was all due to her relationship with the Undertaker.

He might have had his hand in some things or not, but McCool's hard work has and will continue to be overshadowed and looked over because of this relationship.

That is a whole other story in its own and it was focused on more in the first Faithbreaker, so we'll fast forward to the current diva scene. The big boys up in Titan Towers don't always put their all into all their matches when it comes to building them.

Michelle McCool vs. Melina was the very last match added to the Night of Champions card. The stars in the match was clearly obvious and had absolutely no build up at all.

After McCool won the Women's title at the Bash, she and Melina had been in random matches, which included tag and singles match ups.

However, to the surprise of many, McCool and Melina pulled a hell of an performance out of thin air (They had no build up). To further elaborate, I'll touch on both diva feuds and the matches at Night of Champions.

There was little to no mic time at all for Melina and McCool. I was already anticipating the match to be a bathroom break, a filler at the the PPV.

Usually after losing a title, the former champion activates their rematch clause at the next show for the next PPV beginning the build up. Melina never said a word and saved it until the last SmackDown! heading into Night of Champions.

McCool was being tended to by a make up artist while she was relishing her accomplishments, stating she was the best diva ever, only to be interrupted by a vindictive Melina, who activated her rematch clause and threw make up in her face.

With that being the only build up for Night of Champions, how could one be excited?

I had no faith in the match, though I knew both divas were reliable wrestlers. 

The RAW divas division had quite the build up on the other hand. The moment Divas champion Maryse stepped foot on RAW after the post-Wrestlemania draft, she was already sniffed out by a resurrected Mickie James.

Maryse quickly tallied two losses to Mickie James and tried to avoid the dominant diva. During a No. 1 contender battle royal, Maryse sprayed Mickie James with what is assumed to be hair spray and cost her the match to Kelly Kelly. James would not back down as she kept targeting Maryse though Kelly Kelly earned the shot.

After Maryse disposed of the young beauty she still was not safe from the persistent James. The build up was over a couple of months that finally led to James getting her shot at Night of Champions.

To gain the upper hand, Maryse once gain sprayed Mickie in the eyes with her hair spray on the last RAW going into the PPV.

The challenger James had more supporters than the Divas champion as they hoped to finally see Mickie reach the milestone of holding both the Divas and Women's titles.

With all the build up going into the match it was a complete dud. One could argue placement on the card, Maryse's wrestling skills, and the chemistry between the two divas, but the match just didn't do it for me as well as others.

Where was the disdain that the two had for one another?

The one only highlight was Maryse's kick to Mickie which resulted in her falling off the top rope. The rest of the match consisted of Maryse's strikes and endless taunts. The champ reached for her spray, but failed. Her DDT was countered and Mickie hit her DDT, the end.

I was really stunned with the match, I couldn't believe that was all we got after the build up towards it.

Maybe the problem was that the Divas title match was right after the WWE title match, but I still struggle to find an answer to why it wasn't as good as it was supposed to be.

Philly's tough crowd exactly why they tough to boot. The worst part was having this match after the Women's title match, which ironically was supposed to be weaker than the Divas match.

With all do respect to the other Maryse and Mickie, it was just as simple as being out worked and out shined. 

The good news is the butterfly belt should mix well with the preppy James. She'll be the first diva who actually fits the vibe of the bubbly energetic belt as Maryse and McCool were cocky divas.

From a more fair and logical standpoint Melina and McCool were reliable established divas who have chemistry while Mickie had to carry Maryse.

As beautiful as she is, the French beauty was exposed. I'm sure many already were cognizant of her limitations, but if not they should be after that match.

Melina and McCool put on a match and really sold their rivalry. The Women's champ entered the ring first and was impatient as she drop kicked Melina during her prominent split on the apron during her entrance.

The tone was set early..these two women were ready to fight.

Unlike the Divas title match the disdain and aggression was present. The two divas had a wrestling match instead of a cat fight.

Melina came to town pissed as she pounced relentlessly on McCool, who kept reaching for the ropes trying to get a breather to regroup.

McCool found herself in a world of trouble being tossed around by Melina, but finally regained control and applied a leg lock stretching Melina's leg near her head.

At one point McCool connected with a belly-to-belly suplex on Melina, Jim Ross and Todd Grisham's commentary further fueled the already aggressive match. Grisham has grown on me. The match got nasty when it spilled outside.

McCool Irish whipped Melina to the barricade an attempted to take her head off with a running big boot only to miss and land half way over the barricade.

Melina climbed the barricade and traded blows with the Women's champ until McCool DDT'd Melina on top of the barricade. It wasn't a perfect DDT, but it was impressive.

McCool tried to get the count out but couldn't so returned to Melina, who locked her head between her legs and bounced it off the apron numerous times before proceeding to fly off the apron grabbing McCool's head and slamming it into the ground.

The Women's champ attempted to dropkick Melina off the apron once again, but no one was home and she bounced off the ground once more.

The match finally came to an end when McCool used Melina's flexibility against her, forcefully pinning her to the mat with her legs over her head for the victory.

That is what you call a Women's champion.

What were the chances that the Women's title match was going to obliterate the Divas title match?

With all do respect to the other Maryse and Mickie, it was just as simple as being out worked and out shined.

The good news is the butterfly belt should mix well with the preppy James. She'll be the first diva who actually fits the vibe of the bubbly energetic belt as Maryse and McCool were cocky divas.

McCool retained in quite the physical match with the given time they had. Kudos to Melina for having probably her best performance of the year so far. The Women's title match showed some that the diva division could still have some life in it.

While skeptical at first I can now say "more please" for Melina and McCool as they it seems they can dish out at least one or two more matches before letting someone else in the mix.

Many as well as myself were impressed by this match up, but even more surprising was the reviews putting it over as one of the best matches of night behind Punk/Hardy match up and the U.S. title match or ECW title match.

This night stood out for McCool as she continues to prove herself and make believers out of those who don' least some of them.

As McCool's theme goes: "Your not enough for me"..."You just gotta open up your eyes and see"

Michelle continues to prove her worth and value to the divas division and if you take the latter line from her theme above and apply it to yourselves, you'll see just that.


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