Ignatius BroussardContributor IJuly 27, 2009

SHREVEPORT, LA - AUGUST 21:  Running back Julius Jones #21 of the Dallas Cowboys is tackled by Rob Ninkovich #93 of the New Orleans Saints during a preseason game on August 21, 2006 at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I can't wait for training camp to start. I thought long and hard about which positions will be the most interesting once camp starts.  The only one I really find intriguing is Defensive end.

With Charles Grant and Will Smith, ( ha! men in black!...funny!) anyway with these starters suspended the first four games the SAINTS needed to stock up on Defensive end's.  Here come Spicier, Parnell, Hargrove, McCray, Charleston.

What happens if say Spicer and McCray become the scourge of quarterbacks, or Hargrove becomes a one man wrecking crew, Parnell into something like a phenomenon.

Its the veteran player who looses his spot to the rookie with the golden arm, its Bledsoe and Brady all over again.

If you wondered why Matt Cassel was traded by New England...this is it.  They were trying to avoid a quarterback controversy. 

Unless the Mib's start doing the "flashy thing", as early as training camp then they may not see the field except for containment and cleanup! (sorry couldn't help myself, football is in the air and I'm getting lightheaded).

Even after the suspensions are served, comparisons will be made... with and without them and it may make them expendable.

If the production after the suspension  tails off or is equal, the SAINTS may cut ties with these two. 

Let me see...other than that every thing's interesting, but not terribly exciting.  Except for maybe wide outs.  After Colston, Moore, and Henderson.   Arrington, Meachem, Woods, Warren, Green.  All look like quality receivers.