NHL Free Agent Update: Lightning After Petr Sykora, Flyers Pursue Todd Bertuzzi

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IJuly 27, 2009

CALGARY, CANADA - FEBRUARY 5: Todd Bertuzzi #7 of the Calgary Flames skates against the Chicago Blackhawks on February 5, 2009 at Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (Photo by Dale MacMillan/Getty Images)

Since this brutally boring off-season continues to drag along, I figured I would pass the time with some free agent updates.

Sources are not confirming anything right now and it could be because there is absolutely nothing to confirm. Below are some of the players still available and the teams that are interested in them based on what I'm hearing.


Petr Sykora

It's pretty much a guarantee he will not return to Pittsburgh, but now it seems the Tampa Bay Lightning have entered the picture.

Tampa Bay does have over $7 million in cap space and could use some more scoring depth, so this move does make sense for them.

They are also not shy about dolling out contracts that seem, to put it frankly, stupid to other teams. Sykora is a good player but he may get a multi-year deal for some good money if he signs with Tampa Bay.

If he is not interested and it seems there aren't many places left for him to sign, maybe the Devils will want to bring in another old face to help in the scoring department.


Todd Bertuzzi

Well folks, to be honest, I almost laughed out loud when I heard that the Flyers were pursuing "Big Bert". I don't really know why, since it makes too much sense.

The Flyers have always had a team stocked with big brutes that can do damage. Although they are still a far cry from their 1980's Broadstreet Bullies days, when their sole purpose of playing was to hit you and not the net, they are definitely inching there.

The only problem is the cap space, and if the Flyers can somehow move defenseman Randy Jones, this becomes more than possible.

If this move does happen, expect the Flyers to be the single most feared team in the NHL. They will intimidate, but with their sketchy goaltending situation, will it be enough?

On another note, if the Rangers are so concerned with adding more toughness to the team, why not go after Bertuzzi and give him a one-year deal?

He may have a bad reputation for his on-ice mugging of Steve Moore before the lockout, but he still has a scoring touch and isn't a bad skater. He would be a nice winger on a line with Marian Gaborik.


Miroslav Satan

Rumors have been swirling all around this player, having him going back to Buffalo or even back to Europe, but now the reports are confirming that he is drawing serious interest from the New York Islanders.

This would be the right move for a team starved of scoring and the ability to lure the big name free agents. He is still a potential for 30 goals if playing with the right players and will come at a very affordable rate.

More information to come as I get it.

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